Pastor Brad to release Highway 2 Heaven

Roxx Records to release latest Pastor Brad Parody CD…
Roxx Records loves Pastor Brad and after several great collaborations in the past we are doing another one! We are excited to offer you a VERY limited edition CD pressing of the latest and greatest ‘parody’ album from Pastor Brad.
Highway 2 Heaven is the latest offering from Pastor Brad where he reworks some of your favorite classic hard rock and metal tracks in to some newly designed masterpieces with a Christian theme.
This will be a truly limited ONE TIME pressing of only 100 CD’s each hand numbered and distributed first come first serve. Get your order in early for a lower number, and once again this is a limited edition CD packaged in a 2 panel cardboard sleeve.
Track Listing:
1. Highway to Heaven
2. We Will Fight
3. Obey your commands
4. Savior from Heaven
5. Orchestra of Revolution
6. Help me Jesus
7. So Grateful
8. I Cant Live
9. Fathers Will
10. Lift Him Up
RELEASE DATE: March 9, 2018

CMD to Distribute new Menchen Album

Christian Metal Distro (CMD) is very happy to continue our partnership with the one and only Bill Menchen. We are excited to be bringing you the brand new album from Menchen, or what has been officially dubbed ‘The White Metal Album’.

This brand new release for 2018 features Martin Andrew up front and center on vocals, the one and only Bill Menchen on all stringed instruments, and last but not least the ‘Visual Time Keeper’, the one and only Robert Sweet of Stryper fame handling all the drums on this new effort.

The White Metal album features 10 blistering new tracks that Menchen fans will love. In fact if you are a fan of Stryper, Menchen, Titanic or Redeemer you are going to want to pick up this latest release, which is sure to win over the current fan base and win over a few new ones along the way.

The initial pre sale through Menchen himself was very successful and they exhausted all the free guitar pick promotional item that was offered  with those pre orders. But we got the last 20 just for you. Each order placed will also get one of the limited edition ‘Bill Menchen 2018’ guitar picks. A release destined to be in peoples top Christian rock and metal releases this year.

Track Listing:

  1. Captain of the Ship
  2. Dead Mens Bones
  3. Deep Down
  4. Holy Ground
  5. Shovel The Coal
  6. Sons of Thunder
  7. The Sea
  8. Upon The Cross
  9. Wind
  10. Wisdom

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And if that is not enough for you CMD is the leading distributor of all things Bill Menchen. Check out the whole back catalog as well right here:

Menchen 1





Deliverance are pleased to announce they are working with Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records, to officially release their brand new album, ‘The Subversive Kind,’ on February 23rd, 2018.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is comprised of members Jimmy Brown (founding member, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Glenn Rogers (original member, lead/rhythm guitar), Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet, bass), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of the Crucified drums), with guest lead guitar work by Greg Minier.

“After so many years touring and recording I was honored to be asked back in Deliverance,” says Rogers. “We have unfinished business, and with ‘The Subversive Kind’ coming out I hope the fans will rediscover what Big D is all about.”

‘The Subversive Kind’ is a true return to form for these Christian thrash pioneers, boosting 8 brand new tracks that truly bring the thrash back. Bill Bafford of Roxx Records had this to say about the new partnership – “We are very excited to once again be partnering with 3 Frogz, Jimmy Brown and Deliverance to bring you this awesome new thrash release. The fans that have been requesting a ‘Weapons part 2’ will be ecstatic with this new release.”

And the results speak for themselves, as evidenced by the newly unveiled lyric video for one of the album’s standout tracks, “The Black Hand”:

“’The Black Hand’ was one of the first tunes Jimmy and I hashed out together,” says Chaffin. “His articulation of what a panic attack feels like was spot on. Mental illness is a major problem in our country and I’m stoked to be able to give people some hope through music.”

“Anxiety has not only been a hot button issue, but a condition that is still being studied to understand,” adds Brown. “’The Black Hand’ is a vivid description of vitals, and emotions experienced in part by a person when going through such an experience.”

Collectors are also in luck – several different configurations are available for pre-order:




Lastly, Brown says he couldn’t be happier with the band’s current line-up. “After 33 years, the band has evolved and morphed throughout, but has returned to the roots of why we started doing this years ago! The current lineup is a dream come true for me, and we can’t wait to bring it live.”

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1. Bring ‘Em Down
2. Concept of the Other
3. Center of it All
4. The Black Hand
5. Epilogue
6. Listen Closely
7. The Subversive Kind
8. The Fold


Side A:
1. Bring ‘Em Down
2. Concept of the Other
3. Center of it All
4. The Black Hand

Side B:
5. Epilogue
6. Listen Closely
7. The Subversive Kind
8. The Fold


Deliverance Subversive Cover


Join The Dead – Armed for Battle Limited Edition 7″


Release Date: January 26, 2018

Thrash fans unite for this very limited pressing of the very last recording from Bay area thrashers Join The Dead. The band has officially called it a day, but before they did they recorded one last tune!

Walking in Darkness was recorded and was supposed to be a track on the next album from Join The Dead, but that never came to be.  The track was shelved until a worthy cause came up when the band donated the track to the Metal Pulse Radio tribute to Dale Huffman. Outside of that first appearance it has never been officially released until now.

This thrash tune was just to good to go unnoticed so we decided to put it out on a special Limited Edition 7″ single. This is in fact the very first 7″ record ever for Roxx Records and also No Life til Metal Records.

We decided to make it extra special and on side B of this 7″ there are 2 additional RARE tracks. The first track is a previously unreleased version of a Deliverance cover song entitled ‘What a Joke’. The second track is another Deliverance cover song for the track ‘It’s The Beat’ originally released on the 2009 Michael Phillips solo album ‘Mirrors within Mirrors’. Both of these very cool cover tunes feature Michael Phillips on guitars/bass, Jim Chaffin on drums and Scott Waters on vocals.

This 7″ is only limited to 150 hand numbered copies and will NOT be pressed again.

Track Listing:

Side A (45 rpm)

  1. Join The Dead – Walking in Darkness

Side B (33 1/3 rpm)

  1. Phillips/Chaffin/Waters – What A Joke
  2. Phillips/Chaffin/Waters – It’s The Beat

The Lead announce first new release in 29 Years


Christian Punk legends The Lead have returned with a brand new 4 track EP entitled Again. scheduled to be released via Roxx Records. All 3 original members, Julio Rey, Nina Llopis, Rob Christie, have reunited to record and release this very special limited edition EP.

Having a total of 7 official releases under their belt with 4 self-released titles before releasing two titles on REX Records including ‘The Past Behind’ in 1988 and ‘Burn This Record’ in 1989, it has been over 29 years since this legendary Christian Punk outfit has had an official release. Well the time has come and you are about to witness the official return of The Lead!

Four blistering new original tracks from one of the punk scenes most underrated bands. Still bold and in your face with their lyrics, and still bringing that classic punk rock sound to your ears. This new release will not disappoint those old school fans and it is sure to welcome in many new school fans as well.

Also included on this EP a very special guest star by way of Mortification main man Steve Rowe who makes a guest bass playing appearance on the track ‘Heaven is Waiting‘ This is a one-time limited edition CD pressing that you don’t want to miss out on.

Be sure to pick yours up today before you’re kickin’ yourself saying ‘WOW another rare release from The Lead I just can’t find anywhere’!

Track Listing:
1. Dressed in a Robe (Rev. 19)
2. The World Tomorrow / Adoration
3. Every Fear Forgiven
4. Heaven is Waiting (featuring Steve Rowe of Mortification)

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Max Blam Jam – Apathy’s Child video

Happy New Year to all, we are kicking the new year off right and rockin it into 2018. We have lots of great things in store for 2018, we are just about to kick off a large campaign and promotion for the new Deliverance album ‘The Subversive Kind’ in early January and we already have new vinyl projects at the pressing plant for Terraphobia, Soldier and Final Prophecy to name just a few of the things kicking off 2018. But for today we want to kick off the new year with the new clip from the upcoming Max Blam Jam album entitled ‘Blowup Man’ which will be released on January 26, 2018 via Roxx Records.

We hope you have a great 2018! Start it off by checking out the new video for ‘Apathy’s Child’ courtesy of KruseFX, debuting a beautiful new remaster from Bombworks Studio and featuring all new artwork from No Life til Metal Graphics.

Max Blam Jam – ‘Apathy’s Child’

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