Pastor Brad – Break Out (Release Date 04/27/10)

Roxx Records is very proud to announce the Spring release of Pastor Brad’s ‘Break Out’! After 5 independent instrumental shred albums, Pastor Brad is back with his fourth full-length vocal album and his first on Roxx Records!  While the old-school guitar shred influences are still here, this album will hit you square in the face with some of the heaviest sounding riffs ever recorded on any Pastor Brad album! 


What started out as a true solo CD turned in to a very special release with tons of special guest artists! The album is set to feature the following very special guest appearances…


Ken Tamplin

Les Carlsen (of Bloodgood)

Rachel Anne (of Iron Majesty)

Chaz Bond (of Jacob’s Dream)

Richie Z (of Blind Seven)

Dave Merriwether (of Stricken)

Jim Griffin (of Griffin X)

Norman ‘Ski’ Kiersznowski (of Faith Factor)

Luke Weber (of The Pastor Brad Band)

Angel Zamora


As an added bonus the first 100 pre-orders of this special release will come with a bonus disc entitled ‘Best of the Rest’ a bonus disc of rarities, unreleased tracks and also some of the  ‘Break Out’ tracks featuring Pastor Brad handling all the vocals! (they were just too good not to put out) So if you’re a Pastor Brad fan you will definitely want to get in on the pre-order for this one! 


This debut Roxx Release is set to hit the streets on April 27, 2010 and will be available everywhere!


Also be sure to check out the brand new Roxx Store while you’re at it!!!!


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Help us get a grass roots effort going on this one and really make this a huge success for all involved!

25 Years of Deliverance

In 1985, bands like Stryper and Barren Cross were just starting to make their marks on the Christian Metal scene. In the Thrash world bands like Metallica, Slayer and Testament were in their infancy and just about to take the metal world by storm.   It was 1985 that also saw the beginnings of an act that would come along and successfully meld these 2 genres together and ultimately leave an everlasting impact on both of these Metal communities, that band was Deliverance!!! Fronted by the very outspoken and charismatic Jimmy P. Brown he would take this band and the Christian Thrash scene to a whole new level.

Fast forward to 2010, and we are very proud to be celebrating 25 years of that successful outfit known as Deliverance. Still recording and playing shows to any place that will host them! If you ask any Christian Metal fan out there to name the most influential Christian Thrash band of old and still in the scene to this day, undoubtedly Deliverance will top the list! 

In celebration of 25 years of Deliverance, Deliverance fans have several things to look forward to this year…

Up first a BRAND NEW studio album through Retroactive Records! You heard that right 2010 will see a brand new release from the Christian thrash masters entitled “The Annals of Subterfuge”! (Full press release forthcoming from Retroactive Records)

Also Roxx Records in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm (CMR) are set to release “Temporary Insanity – A Salute to Deliverance” a 2 CD set all star tribute to Deliverance! Which is set to feature many special guests artists and contributions from current and past members of the Crucified, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Dark Angel, Darkness Falls and many many more, all coming out to pay tribute to ‘25 Years of Deliverance’! Which will also include a brand new recording from Deliverance!!! The 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘Flesh and Blood’ completely redone and re-recorded! (Full press release forthcoming from Roxx Records/CMR)

Not enough for you!!!! Plans are also in the works to bring Deliverance to you live this year in celebration of 25 years of Deliverance!!!!!! Shows in California and Pennsylvania are currently in the works and we are currently entertaining a few other fly in dates for the band as well as some festival appearances! Interested in bringing Deliverance to your area? Please contact with any and all possibilities!

It’s gonna be a great year for the ‘D’ fan as we get ready to celebrate ‘25 years of Deliverance!’

Crystavox signs with Roxx Records launches new website!



San Diego, CA.| After 20 years of silence; one of Christian Metal’s loudest bands is back, with a great story and a line of new limited releases in collaboration with Roxx Productions.  Crystavox, based out of San Diego, CA., recently met again informally to mark the 20 year anniversary of the bands first record deal (Regency 1989).  Discussions progressed, causing the band to research where the original master recordings were located.  Crystavox lead guitarist, Tony Lopez, located the master tapes – stored in a warehouse in Burbank, CA.  The previous record label; Ocean Records, released the Archived Media back to Crystavox.

“We were finally in possession of all the two-inch masters from both records but after 20 years in storage, we would have to bake the tapes in order to allow them to pass through a tape machine again,” said Lopez.  “Convection baking worked and we were able to digitize the tapes in high resolution to the Pro Tools format,” Lopez concluded. 

Not only did the band now have control over a remix of such hit songs as “Scarifice” (#1 PRR 1990), “Home Again” (#3 CCM 1990), and “It’s All Right” (#7 PRR 1990), but also discovered a “never released” live concert and MTV style video.  Bringing this dated and worn media back to life fell on the shoulders of drummer, Fred Helm, who had become a director and producer for regional and national televisions shows since his departure from Crystavox.

“Finally getting to load this live show into our production studio was so much fun,” said Helm.  “The only copy we had was a 20 year old VHS tape that had been played several times over the years. All the blacks were grey, the color was washed and in 1990, Widescreen TV did not exist.  We have corrected the color issues and re-mastered the video in the 16:9 format.  These videos; which consist of 4 live songs and 4 MTV-style video productions, will also include a recently recorded, “where are they now” segment – shot in HD, and featuring the band “self narrating” the story of Crystavox.

The band took a shot at remixing the old songs to see if modern technology could add a new edge to the hit songs recorded so long ago – when MP3’s, the internet and non-linear digital recording did not even exist.  “The pre mixes were good enough to import a complete Pro Tools HD system into the production studio and take a serious shot at remixing the old songs,” said Crystavox song writer and guitarist Loren Holmquist.

“When I heard the pre-mixes, I was astounded as to the clarity and general lack of over-processed sounds that we had gotten used to,” said Adam Lee Kemp, lead singer for Crystavox.  “The 80’s were all about excess; in vocals, layered harmonies, guitars and effects.”  “Consequently, I knew that converting those previous concepts into a current format would involve a major overhaul in order to synchronize the delivery with modern music and culture.”  “Ultimately, Fred was able to start-from-scratch and re-mix these New Versions using a minimal portion of subtle effects – causing the songs to appear modern, 20 years after they were recorded.” Kemp concluded. 

The songs have been totally redone; new guitars, drums and an over-sampling method vastly increasing the mastered volume of each song to today’s standards.  The re-discovery of Crystavox in 2010 comes complete with a custom built media website featuring the bands songs and videos. 

The new release entitled, “The 20 Year Mix” will include a DVD and the “Best Of” songs released through Roxx Records/Roxx Productions.

 “ I realized Crystavox might be in the position to re-release its library which, in its original versions would have done well.  Realizing the songs had been remixed and there was a DVD interested Roxx,” said Bill Bafford, President of Roxx Productions.  “We are very excited about this limited release and the relationship with Crystavox.”

 The release is set for Early Spring 2010 on Roxx Records.

 After the break up of Crystavox in early 1992, original members Adam Lee Kemp, Loren Holmquist, Fred Helm and Tony Lopez continued in the production and recording industries recording over 45 releases and 27 television shows.    

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