25 Years of Deliverance

In 1985, bands like Stryper and Barren Cross were just starting to make their marks on the Christian Metal scene. In the Thrash world bands like Metallica, Slayer and Testament were in their infancy and just about to take the metal world by storm.   It was 1985 that also saw the beginnings of an act that would come along and successfully meld these 2 genres together and ultimately leave an everlasting impact on both of these Metal communities, that band was Deliverance!!! Fronted by the very outspoken and charismatic Jimmy P. Brown he would take this band and the Christian Thrash scene to a whole new level.

Fast forward to 2010, and we are very proud to be celebrating 25 years of that successful outfit known as Deliverance. Still recording and playing shows to any place that will host them! If you ask any Christian Metal fan out there to name the most influential Christian Thrash band of old and still in the scene to this day, undoubtedly Deliverance will top the list! 

In celebration of 25 years of Deliverance, Deliverance fans have several things to look forward to this year…

Up first a BRAND NEW studio album through Retroactive Records! You heard that right 2010 will see a brand new release from the Christian thrash masters entitled “The Annals of Subterfuge”! (Full press release forthcoming from Retroactive Records)

Also Roxx Records in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm (CMR) are set to release “Temporary Insanity – A Salute to Deliverance” a 2 CD set all star tribute to Deliverance! Which is set to feature many special guests artists and contributions from current and past members of the Crucified, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Dark Angel, Darkness Falls and many many more, all coming out to pay tribute to ‘25 Years of Deliverance’! Which will also include a brand new recording from Deliverance!!! The 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘Flesh and Blood’ completely redone and re-recorded! (Full press release forthcoming from Roxx Records/CMR)

Not enough for you!!!! Plans are also in the works to bring Deliverance to you live this year in celebration of 25 years of Deliverance!!!!!! Shows in California and Pennsylvania are currently in the works and we are currently entertaining a few other fly in dates for the band as well as some festival appearances! Interested in bringing Deliverance to your area? Please contact bill@roxxproductions.com with any and all possibilities!

It’s gonna be a great year for the ‘D’ fan as we get ready to celebrate ‘25 years of Deliverance!’


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