Roxx Records signs the Moshketeers!

Roxx Records in conjunction with Divine Metal Distro are ready to unleash their latest offering of Pure Metal from one of New Mexico’s finest Thrash Metal bands ever….


Originally formed in the mid 80’s as a straight ahead heavy metal band and going by the name Rapture, the band released several demos, including ‘Vacation from Hell’ and ‘Die by the Sword’. The band toured with Barren Cross and shared the stage with many bands including Deliverance and Sacred Warrior. The band would eventually change their name in 1989 to the Moshketeers which would coincide with the bands full transition in to the growing thrash metal scene!  

The Moshketeers independently releasing 2 cassette tapes including a 4 song demo and a full length release entitled ‘The Downward Spiral’. The band would begin touring and performing shows with many of metal’s finest bands including Testament, Deliverance, The Crucified and Vengeance Rising. The band continued off and on into the 1990s, releasing another cassette demo in 1997 with four new songs that were suppose to be from an upcoming full length album, that was never finished. The band continued to be open shows for many popular bands including P.O.D. and Ultimatum. 

Rumors began flying in 1990 that the Moshketeers were signing with a major label. Rumors and speculations as to what happened have been around for years, but suffice it to say that it just never happened and the tapes would never see the light of day and the masters would be locked away for many, many years…until now!

The Moshketeers ‘The Downward Spiral’ will now see a full CD release, for the first time ever! Set to be completely restored and remastered and include several previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the rare 1997 demo.

The Moshketeers – The Downward Spiral (Remastered and Expanded)

The Downward Spiral
The Downward Spiral
Locked in Chains
The Myth
Self Extinction  
Posers of Deceit
Grease the Duck     
The Life of Emptiness
BONUS TRACKS: Ye! (1989 demo version) Return  (1997 demo) Death or Life  (1997 demo) Thelo Agnoia (1997 demo) Take My Life  (1997 demo)

Packaged with completely brand new cover art, liner notes and much more!

This will surely become a collectors item as it is only being offered as a Limited Edition of 1000 piece pressing not to be released again!

If your lucky enough to get in on the special pre-order you are also going to get your hands on a bonus disc containing the whole Rapture ‘Vacation from Hell’ demo also completely remastered and expanded to include bonus tracks! Only the first 100 orders will be lucky enough to get one of the 2 disc sets so get your orders in Fast!

BONUS DISC (1989 Vacation From Hell ‘Expanded’ demo)
Murder for a Prophet       
Locked in Chains
Forgotten Faces
The Ballad
Locked in Chains

And for a VERY Limited time a Special Extremely Limited Edition Retro T-Shirt from The Moshketeers is being offered individually or as part of a package! T-Shirt orders will only be taken until May 30th only so get in early for one of these classic retro T-Shirts!

Visit or for full details and to be one of the first ones to get in on the pre-order!


The Sacrificed ‘2012’ Track Listing and Single Revealed!


The Sacrificed are reporting from the studio that they are nearing completion of their newest release and full concept album entitled ‘2012’. Roxx Records is pleased to announce the full details of the release with an official release date set for June 22, 2010 and the entire track listing available below.

2012 – Track Listing
System Failure (Intro)
No Promise of Tomorrow
The Return
The Path to Righteousness
In Heaven
I Concede
Love & Hope
Slay the Wicked

In addition to the full release the first 100 pre-orders only will receive a bonus disc entitled ‘The Da Vinci Hoax & Beyond’. The Bonus disc is set to feature a remastered version of their entire debut disc ‘The Da Vinci Hoax’ as well as some extremely RARE and previously unreleased demos from some early incarnations of The Sacrificed entitled ‘Sealed Fate’ and ‘Sceptre’.

The Da Vinci Hoax & Beyond – Track Listing
Footsteps (Intro)
The Fight
The Da Vinci Hoax
The Beginning
Altar Call
Ghosts of Iniquity
In Vain
In Your Name We Pray
To Hell and Back (Sealed Fate)
Heaven (Sealed Fate)
The Time Has Come (Sealed Fate)
Satan’s Doom (Sealed Fate)
Golgotha (Sceptre)
Lost is the Dreamer (Sceptre)
Mirrored Fate (Sceptre)

This is not your normal concept album and is sure to turn a few heads but The Sacrificed are not afraid to speak their minds and share their hearts. So this summer be prepared to hear the truth and be ready for The Sacrificed to scare the Hell out of you, and we do mean that literally!

In April the first single off of ‘2012’ entitled ‘No Promise of Tomorrow’ will be serviced to radio. If you’re not one of our affiliates and you’re interested in carrying the single, send us a quick email to

An official teaser sampler track of 5 new tracks (The Return, The Path to Righteousness, No Promise of Tomorrow, Believe & Freedom) can be heard now on both the bands and labels respective music websites at or

2009 HM Reader Poll Winners!!!

Roxx Productions wants to send out a HUGE Congratulations to their 2009 HM Reader Poll winners!!!!!!

2009 Favorite Unsigned Band – Pastor Brad!!!
If you have not heard anything from Pastor Brad how can you consider yourself a Christian Metal fan! Pastor Brad has been rockin it hard with those melodic rock and metal guitar shreds that fans have been growing to love for years now! Pastor Brad is set to release his debut disc for Roxx Records next month entitled ‘Break Out’ and this disc is an all star mix with tons of special guests from Ken Tamplin, Les Carlsen, Dave Merriwether from Stricken, Ski from Faith Factor, Rachel Anne from Iron Majesty, Chaz Bond from Jacobs Dream and the list goes on and on! You will definitely want to get in on the preorder for this one as the first 100 copies only will include a limited edition only disc for those hardcore Pastor Brad fans and will feature many other unreleased tracks from Pastor Brad!

2009 Favorite Song – THRESHER ‘Here I Am’
If you have not picked up this release yet, where have you been! This is a THRASHTERPIECE! Pick it up now in the Roxx store or at many other fine Christian Metal retail outlets!

2009 Favorite New Band – THE SACRIFICED
These boys rock hard and are set to release their debut CD ‘2012’ for Roxx Records in June of this year! Reminiscent of Queensryche/Sacred Warrior but brought in to the modern day these guys do not disappoint! Watch for their debut disc on Roxx Records early summer and be sure to get in on the pre-release as the first 100 copies only will include an exclusive bonus disc of their debut album The Da Vinci Hoax and also their pre-Sacrificed days tracks from Sceptre and Sealed Fate!


Check out the Roxx Store for all of these releases and also new LIMITED EDITION CD/DVD sets from Mortification with ‘Break the Curse’ and the brand new CD/DVD set from Crystavox ‘The Twenty Year Mix’!!!

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