2009 HM Reader Poll Winners!!!

Roxx Productions wants to send out a HUGE Congratulations to their 2009 HM Reader Poll winners!!!!!!

2009 Favorite Unsigned Band – Pastor Brad!!!
If you have not heard anything from Pastor Brad how can you consider yourself a Christian Metal fan! Pastor Brad has been rockin it hard with those melodic rock and metal guitar shreds that fans have been growing to love for years now! Pastor Brad is set to release his debut disc for Roxx Records next month entitled ‘Break Out’ and this disc is an all star mix with tons of special guests from Ken Tamplin, Les Carlsen, Dave Merriwether from Stricken, Ski from Faith Factor, Rachel Anne from Iron Majesty, Chaz Bond from Jacobs Dream and the list goes on and on! You will definitely want to get in on the preorder for this one as the first 100 copies only will include a limited edition only disc for those hardcore Pastor Brad fans and will feature many other unreleased tracks from Pastor Brad!

2009 Favorite Song – THRESHER ‘Here I Am’
If you have not picked up this release yet, where have you been! This is a THRASHTERPIECE! Pick it up now in the Roxx store or at many other fine Christian Metal retail outlets!

2009 Favorite New Band – THE SACRIFICED
These boys rock hard and are set to release their debut CD ‘2012’ for Roxx Records in June of this year! Reminiscent of Queensryche/Sacred Warrior but brought in to the modern day these guys do not disappoint! Watch for their debut disc on Roxx Records early summer and be sure to get in on the pre-release as the first 100 copies only will include an exclusive bonus disc of their debut album The Da Vinci Hoax and also their pre-Sacrificed days tracks from Sceptre and Sealed Fate!


Check out the Roxx Store for all of these releases and also new LIMITED EDITION CD/DVD sets from Mortification with ‘Break the Curse’ and the brand new CD/DVD set from Crystavox ‘The Twenty Year Mix’!!!

AND… If you have not got the March/April edition of HM Magazine yet!, What are you waiting for! Pick it up before it is a collectors item too!!!

Roxx Productions


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