The Sacrificed ‘2012’ Track Listing and Single Revealed!


The Sacrificed are reporting from the studio that they are nearing completion of their newest release and full concept album entitled ‘2012’. Roxx Records is pleased to announce the full details of the release with an official release date set for June 22, 2010 and the entire track listing available below.

2012 – Track Listing
System Failure (Intro)
No Promise of Tomorrow
The Return
The Path to Righteousness
In Heaven
I Concede
Love & Hope
Slay the Wicked

In addition to the full release the first 100 pre-orders only will receive a bonus disc entitled ‘The Da Vinci Hoax & Beyond’. The Bonus disc is set to feature a remastered version of their entire debut disc ‘The Da Vinci Hoax’ as well as some extremely RARE and previously unreleased demos from some early incarnations of The Sacrificed entitled ‘Sealed Fate’ and ‘Sceptre’.

The Da Vinci Hoax & Beyond – Track Listing
Footsteps (Intro)
The Fight
The Da Vinci Hoax
The Beginning
Altar Call
Ghosts of Iniquity
In Vain
In Your Name We Pray
To Hell and Back (Sealed Fate)
Heaven (Sealed Fate)
The Time Has Come (Sealed Fate)
Satan’s Doom (Sealed Fate)
Golgotha (Sceptre)
Lost is the Dreamer (Sceptre)
Mirrored Fate (Sceptre)

This is not your normal concept album and is sure to turn a few heads but The Sacrificed are not afraid to speak their minds and share their hearts. So this summer be prepared to hear the truth and be ready for The Sacrificed to scare the Hell out of you, and we do mean that literally!

In April the first single off of ‘2012’ entitled ‘No Promise of Tomorrow’ will be serviced to radio. If you’re not one of our affiliates and you’re interested in carrying the single, send us a quick email to

An official teaser sampler track of 5 new tracks (The Return, The Path to Righteousness, No Promise of Tomorrow, Believe & Freedom) can be heard now on both the bands and labels respective music websites at or


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