Ultimatum – Heart of Metal Track Listing Revealed

New Mexico thrash metal outfit Ultimatum are celebrating 20 years as a band in 2012 and they just completed recording 4 brand new tracks which are scheduled to be a part of the band’s 20th Anniversary release entitled ‘Heart of Metal – 20 Years of Ultimatum’. The remainder of the tracks is a selection of tracks that encompass the band’s back catalog as suggested and voted on by their fans.  We are very happy to announce the final full track listing  as well as the brand new album cover art for the new album!

1. Blood on a Thousand Hills (4:02)

2. Scattered (Body Parts) (3:58)

3. Hook Line & Sinker (5:50)

4. Rip ‘n’ Tear (4:02)

5. Heart Of Metal (remix) (4:40)

6. Locked In Chains (remix) (3:12)

7. Mortal Stomp (2008) (5:32)

8. Blink (2007) (remix) (2:43)

9. Deathwish (5:51)

10. One For All (5:24)

11. Into The Pit (3:08)

12. Temple Of The Spirit (3:20)

13. Crash Course (5:33)

14. Never (4:03)

15. Puppet Of Destruction (4:19)

16. Gutterbox (5:02)

17. Darkest Void (3:59)

18. Symphonic Extremities (4:31)

They have set October 30th as the official release date for ‘Heart of Metal – 20 Years of Ultimatum’. In conjunction with the new release and their 20th Anniversary, the band has also just launched a brand new website at www.ultimatum.net

For full release details and special pre-order packages please visit www.roxxproductions.com

In other Roxx Records news stay tuned for a special announcement on the brand new Liberty N’ Justice CD set to hit the streets before 2012 comes to a close!Image