Boarders ‘R-Existence’ (Deluxe Edition) Annnounced

Roxx Records is very happy to announce the release date and final track listing for the Deluxe Edition Package of ‘R-Existence’ from Italian thrashers ‘Boarders’. Set for release on January 29, 2013 the newly expanded package will be available in a Limited Edition CD pressing and also available digitally at all your favorite retailers.

The Deluxe Expanded package will contain 5 additional tracks, 3 brand new recordings as well as 2 previously unreleased demo tracks.  Final track listing and artwork is available below and preorders are up and now available!

  1. Prelude
  2. The Agony of Lying
  3. Signs of Resistance
  4. Vengeance is Yours
  5. IV Reich
  6. Pure Gold
  7. Lightbringer
  8. Sixth out of Five
  9. Cause of Life
  10. Meet my Heart
  11. To my Father
  12. A Warm Place (Deluxe Edition 2013)
  13. Pure Gold [Acoustic] (Deluxe Edition 2013)
  14. This Time (Deluxe Edition 2013)
  15. Deliver You Back To Hell [Unreleased Demo 2003] (Deluxe Edition 2013)
  16. For What it’s worth [Unreleased Demo 2003] (Deluxe Edition 2013)Image