Roxx Records Update (Vinyl Release Date and a few Sneak Peaks!)

What’s up everyone! Hope you’re having a Great Summer so far! Just a quick note on a few things happening with Roxx Records!

First up the Limited Edition Deliverance and Ultimatum vinyl pressings are nearing completion! We finally have a release date to announce of July 15th, 2014! A little later than expected, but perfection takes time (ha, ha) All you folks that pre order will have yours in advance of the official release date, we just won’t commit to how early that is just yet, depends on the pressing plant!

If you have been holding off on those don’t wait too long! The Limited Edition ‘Weapons’ Blue Vinyl version is nearly sold out and the Green Vinyl version of ‘Heart of Metal’ is not far behind that! Here’s a little sneak peak of the bonus discs that are EXCLUSIVELY for those that pre order from the Roxx store! If you pre order before the release date you are guaranteed to get a CD copy! Once they are released there will be no more!

Also just released and HOT OFF THE PRESS is the brand new album from PYLON entitled ‘Homo Homini Lupus’ and this one is getting some great reviews!!! Pick up your copy today and hear what the hype is all about! 


Up next coming in October we have 2 more limited edition CD reissues coming from Deliverance with the first ever remaster and reissue of ‘Stay of Execution’ and also to complete the Intense Millennium Records reissues Roxx Records is very proud and excited to present you with a fully remastered/reissue from Vengeance Rising their 4th and final offering entitled ‘Released upon the Earth’!  and we have some really cool things in store for you with these releases!

If that is not enough for you, watch as we help the mighty MORTIFICATION celebrate 25 years in 2015 with a very special Limited Edition vinyl release! 

More to come on both of those very soon so STAY TUNED and join our email list to hear stuff first! 

And Last but not least we are proud to relaunch a brand new ROXXCAST website where we will host not only our special Roxxcast shows but also we are now affiliated and will be adding the ‘Frontline Rewind’ Podcasts to the newly relaunched Roxxcast website! The first episode that we will be airing features our host Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) interviewing and playing tunage from none other then Mike Stand of ‘The Altar Boys’!

In addition our very own webmaster will be keeping his show alive and well over at Roxxcast as we will also play host to the ‘The Master’s Metal’ Check it out right here…

We value and appreciate all of your continued support as we strive to keep Christian Metal alive and well! 

Bill Roxx
Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up on all things Christian Rock and Metal…. and visit our facebook


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