Deliverance and Ultimatum Vinyl Releases Delayed!

Roxx Records News Update for June 2014…

First and Foremost the bad news, unfortunately the vinyl industry is booming! (or maybe that’s good news for us vinyl enthusiasts!) But in this case it means our two new releases from Deliverance and Ultimatum are slightly delayed! The manufacturing plant is jam packed with new releases and ours are in line for pressing but will not be shipped until the first part of August, which unfortunately means we have to push our releases back a few weeks! Our revised release date will be August 12th which should give us plenty of time to get all the pre orders in your hands before the release date! We apologize for this delay but it is beyond our control and we now know to manufacture a vinyl in the US at this time we need to give a 5 or 6 month lead time for the whole production process, but these will be worth the wait as our test pressings have already shown us!

As an added bonus we will be giving away one test pressing from Deliverance and one from Ultimatum in a random drawing for all those who already placed their pre order and for anyone else that gets in on it before they are shipped! If you have not pre ordered your copy yet get in on it now, the Blue and Green vinyl editions will not last, you have been forewarned!

Up next for Roxx watch for full announcements on two limited edition CD titles which will both be going through the remastered and expanded process! For the first time ever remastered and reissued will be two classic titles from the Frontline Records catalog, from Deliverance their classic ‘Stay of Execution’ and the fourth and last title from Vengeance Rising ‘Released Upon the Earth.’ Full press releases outlining both releases are forthcoming.

For all of your Christian Rock and Metal needs visit or which will also be breaking free from Roxx Productions and taking on a life of its own very, very soon!


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