HUGE Deliverance News! Check it out from the ‘D’ Page


Huge thanks to all the ‘D’ fans out there for the great response and support on the Frontline Rewind Podcast! Jimmy and George together again, oh what a feeling! After the show it felt so good working together again after all these years we’re talking about doing a handful of shows across the US ‘unplugged’ style! Yes we are working on a 45 minute to an hour set to celebrate the new vinyl release and the 24th anniversary of ‘Weapons of our Warfare’! The set will be completely stripped down, Jimmy and George on mostly acoustic guitars playing your favorite classic ‘D’ songs and telling you stories of the glory days of Deliverance!

We are looking at bringing this show to you anywhere and we want to see who all is interested! Churches, clubs, coffee houses or what about an intimate show in your living room? Yes we are looking at truly taking the show to the people! Message us here with your email contact info and tell us what you’re thinking and where you want us to play? If we get a good enough response we may get back out on the road again! Jimmy and George touring again for the first time in over 20 years!

Lastly we had so much fun jamming that acoustic version of ‘23’ we are going in to the studio to record a special version of it this coming weekend to be included as a bonus track on a remastered and expanded version of ‘Stay of Execution’ due out on Roxx Records this Fall!

Well let’s hear from you guys! You want to see some ‘D’ out there!!!!!!


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