MORTIFICATION – 25th Anniversary

Mortification fans are you ready to help us celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Premiere Australian Jesus Metal Band this Summer?

We are working on not one, but two Special Limited Edition vinyl releases for you! One release that started it all and one release that fast forwards us all the way to where Steve Rowe is at today in his 25 year journey on this earth providing us with his excellent Jesus Metal as only he can!

Already at the pressing plant as you read this is a Limited Edition ‘Silver’ 25th Anniversary Pressing of ‘Break The Curse 1990-2015’ 100 copies will be on silver vinyl and 200 copies will be on black vinyl and there will only be 300 available! Not to mention this is the FIRST time this has ever even been pressed on vinyl!

Up next we will be launching a new vinyl series called ‘The Underground Series’ which will be an extremely SMALL run of 100 to 150 copies only of some classic releases that may not have otherwise been able to realize a vinyl release!

And what better way to start that series off then with the ‘Priests of the Underground’ and release the latest release from WonRowe Vision ‘Two Headed Monster’ and there will only be 100 copies available in the US exclusively through Roxx Records and 50 copies in Australia exclusively through Rowe Productions.

Stay Tuned for pre-orders and special packages coming very soon! The best way to stay up to date and get the news first and make sure you dont miss out is to sign up on our email list at

Recon ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ special Vinyl and CD reissues will be announced next and very soon!


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