Mortification – ‘ Break The Curse ‘ 25th Anniversary Vinyl Announced

1990 was a seminal year for Christian Metal and some of those artists and albums that helped shape the Jesus Metal movement. At the forefront of that scene and also at the front of the pack in the Christian death metal scene was none other than Australian based Mortification! Mortification’s ‘Break the Curse’, was the band’s very first demo and it would hit the metal world by storm!

This would be the world’s first introduction of the band that would go on to pave the way for Christian Death Metal bands to come! Touring the world over, releasing multiple albums and DVD’s, playing in front of thousands of raging metal fans across the globe! Bold and unashamed they would play anywhere and everywhere that would host them! Never afraid to speak their mind and let the world know their convictions!

Break the Curse was the initial release that would start it all, this release has long been out of print and a much sought after collectible for the Mortification fan! In 2010 Roxx Records released a very special Limited Edition 20th anniversary 2 Disc Gold Edition of ‘Break the Curse’ which is now out of print. Now Roxx Records and Mortification have a very special release planned to celebrate the 25th Silver Anniversary of ‘Break The Curse’ with a one-time pressing of 300 VINYL copies of ‘Break The Curse’.

You read that correctly, for the first time ever this classic album will be released on vinyl to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Break The Curse’. A one-time Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Silver edition of this seminal Christian metal release will be pressed. These will be packaged in a silver and black 25th anniversary limited edition cover using the original artwork. The vinyl copies will be in two colors, with 100 being a Limited silver colored vinyl pressing and 200 copies on black vinyl with a full lyric insert.

Still not enough for you? There are also some really cool Limited Edition Packages available at both Roxx Productions and Rowe Productions in Limited Quantities! You will want to check these out and get in on some of the pre order packages before they sell out! In the USA please visit and in Europe and Australia please visit

2015 is set to be an excellent year for Mortification fans! Also stay tuned for a Limited Edition pressing of only 150 copies of the new Wonrowe Vision album which is just around the corner as we continue the 25th Anniversary celebration of Mortification!


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