King James release new CD & plan shows

King James have been very busy this year working on a few things for all you fans out there. The band is very excited to announce a relaunch of their most recent album and they are even working on lining up some special shows for you this Summer and Fall. The band has just finished and now released an updated and remastered version of their latest album ‘Maximus’, available digitally and on CD. The Limited Edition CD comes in a beautiful 6 panel digipack with completely new artwork and even an additional bonus track for all of our Spanish speaking fans.

Also you heard that right, King James is getting out there and doing some very special live performances in 2016. We have some shows in the works now and are also looking to book more. We are entertaining offers at this time, send any and all offers to, Dewayne Jenkins of DeLu Productions Email

In addition the CD is now available and shipping through several outlets including Christian Metal Distro, who are also handling distribution of the new title. If you are interested in carrying it or have any distribution opportunities email Bill Bafford from Christian Metal Distro at