Indominus announce EP ‘Legion Within’

Get prepared for an awakening! An Extreme Metal awakening! Coming to you all the way from Europe as Irish metal band Indominus are about to take you on a blistering musical journey for your ears with their debut release.

Indominus boasts a heavy sound, has a great comradery as a cohesive unit, and they have a very sonic sound that harkens to the likes of bands such as Broken Flesh, Suffocation, and Cannibal Corpse. Featuring shredding guitars, killer death growls, and on-point drumming are all hallmarks on the band’s debut EP entitled ‘Legion Within’.

Indominus have signed with US label Roxx Records to bring you this already critically acclaimed Extreme Metal masterpiece, scheduled for release on September 2, 2016.

Track Listing:

1. Leeches
2. Backbone
3. Shadow
4. Fragile Existence
5. Legion Within

Listen to a sampling of ‘Legion Within’ …

Indominus Legion Cover



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