Pylon – ‘Homo Homini Lupus’ on Vinyl

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you the 4th installment in our limited edition vinyl series entitled Roxx Records Underground Series. We are very pleased to announce Christian doom metal band Pylon are about to get the limited edition vinyl treatment for the bands release entitled ‘Homo Homini Lupus’.

After the successful partnership between Roxx and Pylon we are happy to be bringing you this very cool pressing of only 150 copies on black vinyl. Each copy is hand numbered and also comes with a limited edition 11” x 17” promotional poster of the brand new album from Pylon entitled ‘A Lament’, which was also just released in 2016 on Roxx Records / Quam Libet Records.

Vinyl Track Listing:

  Side One

A1. Saligia

A2. Al Ha Har

A3. Ils Se Donnent Du Mal

  Side Two

B1. Crowned

B2. Crucifer

B3. The Curse of Eden

B4. South of Heaven

With 3 successful installments already released in the Underground Series, and the 4th one from Pylon set to be released, the success of the series has allowed for us to continue to grow and add to the series. Already released have been limited edition vinyl’s from, Wonrowe Vision (#1), Ultimatum (#2) and Oracle (#3). Series number 5 is also being pressed now and will be announced very, very soon!

For full information and purchasing information on the new Pylon vinyl visit



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