Ultimatum announce Puppet of Destruction vinyl

Roxx Records is very pleased to announce the next in our limited edition vinyl series called the Roxx Underground Series. We are also very pleased to announce that with this release we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of a very special title for this, our 6th release in the series.

Please join us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this seminal underground Christian thrash album entitled Puppet of Destruction! Yes that’s right we are proudly releasing a limited edition vinyl pressing of the classic album from Ultimatum which is actually the band’s second full length studio release.

Originally recorded in 1997 and released in 1998 via Rowe Productions the album was well received but the band was never quite happy with that original releases master and mix. So Roxx Records would go on to remaster and reissue Puppet of Destruction on CD to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release. Now as we approach the 20th anniversary of this album Roxx has spared no expense making this release extra special for the fans and the band as we celebrate Ultimatum and their Puppet of Destruction with its first ever VINYL release!

This limited edition pressing of only 150 hand numbered copies is on a very cool green and black swirl vinyl, with full color center rings. The artwork was reimagined and reworked by Scott Waters (No Life til Metal/Roxx Records) and each pressing comes with an enclosed limited edition 11 x 17 poster with new artwork designed by Andy Borders to celebrate the 20th anniversary!

Also in honor of this anniversary we have printed a very special run of the ‘Live Through The Years’ DVD that was originally only released as a part of the limited edition box set which has been sold out for years. This is your chance to get a copy of that DVD as part of a vinyl package or as a stand-alone DVD. The DVD features a live performance in California from the Up From The Ashes 3 festival as well as a host of other videos and performances jam packed in to one DVD.

Even more we have a VERY limited number of a special print of the ‘Puppet of Destruction’ poster artwork on a limited edition t shirt. There is a VERY limited amount of these and they will be a part of the Ultimate Puppet Package and when they are gone so is this package. The Ultimatum ‘Ultimate’ package will include everything above including a copy of the remastered and expanded CD which we only have 50 copies remaining of before being completely sold out as well.

Wait that’s still not enough for you? Well we have more, every vinyl pre order will also come with a very special insert, autographed by Scott Waters and Robert Gutierrez of Ultimatum celebrating this special anniversary release!

So join us as we celebrate 20 years of Puppet of Destruction and let’s all remember one of the last truly classic Christian thrash releases.

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BioGenesis to release A Decadence Divine in May


Roxx Records is very excited to announce the full release details for the brand new album from BioGenesis. Get ready because on May 26, 2017 we are proud to present you with the next chapter in the history of BioGenesis and this chapter brings us to ‘A Decadence Divine’

Having started out all the way back in 1996 American metal band BioGeneis has created a metal style almost all their own. While it is very hard to categorize a good description style wise might be a mix of thrash/death/power/prog/goth and aggressive nu-metal, and as far as a band comparison it’s probably what you would get if you mixed Deliverance, Megadeth, Saviour Machine and threw in some Dream Theater and maybe a little Disturbed.

This is technically only the bands third full length original release, starting with The Mark Bleeds Through (2001 Rowe Productions) followed up 11 years later after a hiatus with The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth (2012 Soundmass). Also 2 years later a remastered and expanded edition of their first album would be released entitled The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood (2014 Soundmass)

Jump forward to 2017 and their brand new album, A Decadence Divine, is now on the horizon slated for release through Roxx Records on May 26th. Decadence features almost a completely brand new and youthful line up, hosting an improved sound both musically, lyrically and sonically. BioGenesis is ready to take the metal world by storm with this brand new Rebirth! This release also boasts brand new apocalyptic cover artwork that was designed by graphic designer Tim Murray, and helping make ‘A Decadence Divine’ a must have metal release for 2017.

Check out the single ‘Tears of God’ which is now streaming over at the official Roxx Records Reverb page.  www.reverbnation.com/roxxrecords

Pre orders are live now and the first 100 pre orders come with an exclusive Limited Edition BioGeneis guitar pick.

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Consecrator to release complete works

Consecrator Cover

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you another classic Christian thrash reissue. This time hailing from the Lone Star state of Texas we welcome the classic thrashers Consecrator to the family as we get ready to give the band our signature remaster treatment.

Consecrator was originally formed in late 1989, by mid-1990 they had written and recorded their first self-titled demo. That very first Consecrator demo was recorded in just one day. The band would immediately begin to garner rave reviews from all around the world hearing just how much people loved their music and their message on that debut demo.

After a few line up changes, by early 1991 the band would then record the track “Free From Death” and send it in to REX Records attempting to secure a record deal. REX ultimately released the song on the ‘Demolition’ compilation CD and the band would again start receiving great recognition for this effort. However after all the hard work the band had put into this they still did not secure a record deal. But that didn’t stop them, as they proceeded to record and release a second demo, entitled ‘Image Of Deception’ by late 1991. It was recorded in just two days on an 8-track reel-to-reel. Right after that they would go through a few more line up changes as they continued to constantly play out live. Ultimately the band was not able to get to that next level and they would wind up calling it a day by late 1993.

Consecrator are one of those awesome thrash bands that were lost in the hordes of thrash bands in the early 90’s. It was a shame that these guys never got beyond that demo stage because they were equally as good as any band on a label, then and now!. Thankfully in 2004 Bombworks Records saw fit to re-release and remaster Consecrator’s old demos in to one cool CD collection in a limited run of only 300 copies. Consider yourself lucky if you scored one of those back then as they are utterly impossible to find today!

But now is your chance to get this thrash classic one more time! And this edition is even a little more special! To start with back in 2004 to 2005 when interest started to spark for the band again around the reissue, they would rise again and record some new music! But even then life would get in the way and that music was never ultimately released, until now!

Featuring all of the tracks from both demos and the newer tracks all completely remastered and sounding better then ever we are happy to bring you ‘Image of Deception’ the complete works of Consecrator. The collection is being completely repackaged in an amazing new CD release with brand new album art designed by Scott Waters of No Life til Metal / Roxx Records. Here is a sneak peak of that artwork and what you are in store for this Summer of 2017.

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To read more about Consecrator visit the band page here:


Crushing The Deceiver sign with Roxx Records

Crushing the Deceiver sign on with Roxx Records

Roxx Records is very excited to announce to you our latest signing Crushing The Deceiver to the Roxx Records label and bring you an excellent and bold new Christian thrash metal project that is sure to rock your world. With bold lyrics and excellent new thrash metal riffs, Crushing The Deceiver is ready to take the world by storm!

Crushing The Deceiver is a Clovis based Christian Thrash Metal band formed in late 2016. The band is primarily a duo, consisting of Grant and Johnny, but as they grow and start to play shows they will be adding some excellent players to bring you an exciting live show. Both of them have played music for many years in various styles and line ups but one thing has been prominent, they both LOVE metal!

Grant has been playing since 1991, he was only 7 years old when he started dabbling in music. He and his older brother formed the brutal Death Metal band, Artery Eruption in 1996. He later played in various bands including the Death Metal band Devouring Humanity, Pop-Punk band Genetically Altered, Tech-Death band Strangulated, and Tech-Death band Epileptic Mastication. Through it all his favorite genre of music has always been Thrash, but he has never had the chance to be in a full on Thrash band.

Grant partnered with his current business partner Scott (the original owner of Cravings) in 2015. They would become 50/50 owners of a brand new restaurant called Cravings in Clovis, California. This led to him becoming good friends with Johnny, the second half of Crushing The Deceiver.  Johnny knew that Grant had a musical background, because he works right next door to the restaurant, at the same place of ex- Artery Eruption bassist, Carl.

Johnny himself has been heavily in the music industry for 14 years playing with Metal Core bands, Breath Of The Dying, and Obfuscate. Johnny would approach Grant one day after ordering food and asked if he would like to jam some time. Grant said yes, but if he was to ever do a band again it would have to be a Christian Thrash band. At that point Grant was unsure what Johnny would say, but after some thought he was in full force and it has been full throttle ever since.

Johnny writes all the music and also records the band, Johnny is really the brains of the operation. The partnership they have has been great. Grant would write all of the lyrics and Johnny writes all the music. Together, they hope to bring a message of hope and God to the Metal community. With having a past in brutal Death Metal, Grant felt strongly it was time to glorify God with the musical talent he was blessed with.

 Crushing the Deceiver LP FINAL

Crushing the Deceiver are very excited to be signing with Roxx Records for their debut release and are ready to bring this new project to the people. We have spared no expense for excellence with this release starting with the brand new cover art, which you are seeing here first, which was designed by Timon Kokott who recently did the Toxic End cover for Freakings.

All the way down to the final mastering of this recording which will be done by James Murphy (Obituary, Testament, Death, Disincarnate)  So get ready as we welcome Crushing The Deceiver to the Roxx Records label of Christian metal artists! Coming this Fall 2017 everywhere good Christian Metal is sold!

You can get a sneak peak of their very first released recording titled ‘The Light Inside Me’ in an unmastered demo format by purchasing the just released fund raising CD effort for the CHOB shop called aCross America Vol. 1 over at Christian Metal Distro.

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Holy Soldier announce 25th anniversary pressing of Last Train

Holy Solider - Last Train FINAL!

Roxx Records is very excited to announce a very special reissue from one of the Christian hard rock scene’s most instrumental artists, Holy Soldier.

Holy Soldier burst on to the scene in 1985 formed by bassist Andy Robbins and guitarist Jamie Cramer, at one time the band held the largest attendance records at Gazzarri’s, a notable nightclub in the Hollywood circuit. In 1990 the band would release their debut self-titled album which would draw quite a bit of attention and success to the band. But with this release we are celebrating the band’s second sophomore release Last Train which was released in 1992, 25 years ago this year!

For this special celebration we are giving the release a very special Roxx treatment, starting with a complete and new remaster done by Cliffy Huntington, who mastered the release for vinyl and CD. As well we have updated the artwork, however keeping the integrity to the original pressing, this new representation and layout and design was done by Scott Waters (Roxx Records / No Life Til Metal)

“‘The Last Train’ shows a band at the peak of their prowess. With grit and determination Holy Soldier shows that they were not followers in a narrow glam scene but were an exceptional hard rock act that worked hard to create a unique sound that deserved more recognition than they received. All the years slugging it out in the L.A. club scene were not lost on this talented five piece, producer David Zaffiro pulled out the best they had and helped to craft an under rated gem.” Keven Crothers (White Throne / Heaven’s Metal)

This limited edition pressing will come in a 500 piece vinyl pressing with 200 on red vinyl and 300 on black vinyl and this is the first time it has ever been pressed on vinyl! In addition we will also be releasing a very cool 500 piece limited edition remastered reissue on CD.

Stay tuned you won’t want to miss out on this very special 25th anniversary reissue before they are gone! Coming September 2017!

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ALSO: Holy Solider fans in Mexico be sure to check out Exodo Fest in Mexico City where Andy Robbins will be making a special appearance playing with Tourniquet! You won’t want to miss this!