Veil of Deception sign to NLTM Records

VoD Logo

No Life Til Metal Records are very excited to bring you our latest signing of straight up in your face heavy metal music hailing from Vienna, Austria ! VEIL OF DECEPTION (VoD) are a heavy/groove oriented metal combo formed in January 2013. Often compared to bands like Flotsam and Jetsam, 90’s Anthrax, Fates Warning or even Black Sabbath, VoD always stood out because of their distinct sound and lead vocalist Daniel’s classic metal vocal approach.

Having played alongside well-known metal heavyweights like Flotsam and Jetsam, Rage, Nervosa, Blaze Bayley or Visigoth and with two highly-acclaimed full-length albums (“Deception Unveiled” and “Tearing Up The Roots”) under their belts, this 4-piece Austrian outfit decided to join forces with No Life Til Metal Records for the release of their highly anticipated third album, which will be cleverly titled “Dissident Voices”. As usual, it will be as heavy, catchy, groovy and soulful as ever with their brilliant amalgamation of metal styles, moods and vibes. VoD are sure ready for take-off… and we are inviting you to join us as we take off on this exciting journey!

Stay Tuned to Roxx Productions website ( and the No Life Til Metal Records store ( to watch for special pre order packages coming your way very soon.

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Fear Not sign to Roxx Records for new EP

Kicking off the new year right Roxx Records announces another new signing for 2019!

Classic Christian Rockers Fear Not have signed on with Roxx Records to release their brand new EP entitled “For The Wounded Heart”. This EP will showcase the first new recordings from Fear Not since the release of the bands one and only full length self-titled album in 1993, over 25 years ago. This year after celebrating the 25th anniversary with a beautifully done reissue of that debut album on both vinyl and limited edition CD, the Christian rock community was buzzing about Fear Not! That buzz caught the attention of the 4 original members, and the creative juices and chemistry of those 4 guys was so great it ultimately led them to writing and recording 5 brand new and amazing tunes.

Featuring all 4 original members including original vocalist Larry Worley, on guitar and backing vocals, Chris Howell on guitar, Rod Romero on bass and Gary Hansen on the drums. If that was not amazing enough to have all 4 original members recording again, you’re in for a treat as they also bring in to the fold a brand new addition with lead vocalist Eddie Green who helps take this new EP to a whole new level with his metal vocal stylings. Eddie is a seasoned, touring vocalist who most recently fronted Even The Dogs, who had a charting single titled ‘Ghost’.

Kicking things off watch for the brand new debut single “Don’t Want None (Come Get Some)” making its worldwide premiere on January 11, 2019 on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, iTunes and everywhere you stream digital media. If that’s not enough for you we will also be launching a brand new lyric video AND the single will be serviced to radio outlets everywhere, so get out there and start requesting it today!!!

Fear Not Single

Stay Tuned to for full release details and special limited edition packages coming your way very soon including a limited edition CD as well as a full digital release.

Ritual Servant sign to Roxx Records

Ritual Servant_rm_low_res

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you another absolutely amazing release in 2019. Hailing from SC / NC, we bring you Ritual Servant !

Ritual Servant may be one of the boldest bands for God we have ever brought you. Bold and in your face Scriptural lyrics and one of the most beautiful album covers designed by Noel Puente from Granada, Spain. When we started to work on logos and titles for this cover, the band quickly stopped us and said they wanted this art to stand on its own, with no band logo on the front, exalting and proclaiming what they stand for as a bold statement to the Christian and secular community.

Front man Patrick Best said, ‘This album is NOT about us, it is about making a bold, exalted statement for Christ and giving God all the praise, honor and glory’

This is truly an amazing piece of Christian Metal that is sure to leave a mark on your minds and souls. You are not going to want to miss this one as we bring you the debut full length release from Ritual Servant coming your way in 2019.

No Other God sign to Roxx Records

NOG Band
Roxx Records is very excited to announce the first of several new releases coming your way in 2019. Starting off we are very excited to be bringing you the latest release from one of Christian metals most prolific singers, the one and only Dale Thompson, as we announce the signing of his latest project No Other God ( N.O.G for short )
N.O.G features not only the talents of Dale Thompson out front on vocals but also Nenel Lucena on lead guitar, Alexandre Aposan on drums and rounding out their sound on bass Raphael Dafras. With Dale hailing from New Zealand, the rest of these very talented musicians hail from the beautiful country of Brazil. Despite the distance between them, this talented bunch was able to come together and bring you this most excellent debut wall shaking, heart stopping, and super heavy metal shredder, quite possibly the hardest rocking album you have ever heard Dale take the helm for.
Check out the new track ‘Take It By Storm’ and get ready to rock!
Stay Tuned in 2019 as we prepare to bring you No Other God via Roxx Records