Fear Not release ‘For The Wounded Heart’

FEAR NOT are excited to announce the official release of the brand new EP entitled ‘For The Wounded Heart’. The brand new release features all 4 original members of the legendary Christian rock band FEAR NOT, including original vocalist Larry Worley, on guitar and backing vocals, Chris Howell on lead guitar, Rod Romero pounding on the bass and Gary Hansen wailing on the drums. Added to this new incarnation of FEAR NOT we bring in to the fold a brand new addition with lead vocalist Eddie Green who helps take this new EP to a whole new level with his metal vocal stylings. Eddie is a seasoned, touring vocalist who most recently fronted Even The Dogs, who had a charting single titled ‘Ghost’.

The brand new debut single “Don’t Want None (Come Get Some)” was released on January 11th to great review and is now getting radio airplay across the country. Check out the brand new lyric video and get ready for FEAR NOT to rock your world!

‘For The Wounded Heart’ features amazing new cover art designed by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics. The EP will feature five brand new original tunes and will be released worldwide on March 8, 2019 through Roxx Records and available at all your favorite digital media platforms and also on a limited edition CD format.

wounded heart ep final

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No Other God release new lyric video

nog take it by storm cover

Are you ready for the brand new album from No Other God ? We sure are! This is quite possibly one of the heaviest projects Dale Thompson (Bride, Perpetual Paranoia) has ever been on and we are very excited to be sharing this with you!

Even though this is a very heavy album, we have decided to take the route of picking one of the more commercial radio sounding tracks as the next single for several reasons. One, it is an amazingly beautiful song, and two we want your help to get this one heard all over the radio!

We are very excited to unveil the brand new lyric video for the new single ‘One More Day’

The new single has just been serviced to radio and we want YOU to help us get this one heard! Reach out to all your favorite Christian stations and get them to play the brand new single from No Other God (N.O.G) ‘One More Day’

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Rainforce are ready to Rock and Roll with new video

ROCK AND ROLL is the thunderous new single by Swiss/international Hard Rock band RAINFORCE. This song is also the title track off of the bands upcoming brand new EP due this Spring. Roxx Records has scheduled the release of the new EP for March 22, 2019 featuring 4 brand new hard rockin’ tunes on a limited edition CD format. After the debut album ‘Lion’s Den’ released in 2017, this is the second strike for hard rockers RAINFORCE with the band releasing their debut album ‘Lion’s Den’ also on Roxx Records back in 2017. This time the band has plans to start getting out on the live circuit and start to really hone in on their live show experience playing around Europe.

The track ROCK AND ROLL features many song- and album titles of bands who have helped inspire guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte since he started to listen to rock and metal music. The song is meant to pay homage to all of these great bands that have helped shape the music and sound of Andy and RAINFORCE. It is also a statement on their uncompromising faith in Christ throughout the highs and lows of life.

Following a RAINFORCE tradition, this song also features a guest guitar player by way of Marc Burgherr, who has been a long-time friend of Andy’s and visited the band in the studio to lay down some cool guitar riffs for the band.

So without further ado here you have it the brand new track ‘ROCK AND ROLL’ from RAINFORCE…

Request the new single has also just been serviced to radio so be sure to request it at all your favorite stations and Let’s Rock and Roll!

Be sure to keep up with the band at their official website at http://www.rainforce.rocks

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rainforce rock n roll art

Fear Not release debut single today!

After nearly 25 years of silence legendary rockers Fear Not are back and they are louder than ever! This Spring the band is set to release their brand new EP ‘For The Wounded Heart’ featuring 5 brand new original tracks.

Kicking it off with the debut single and lyric video for the single ‘Don’t Want None (Come Get Some)’ and if that isn’t enough for you we actually have 2 different versions of lyric videos for you to enjoy! Check them both out now!

Don’t Want None (Come Get Some) is now available at all your favorite digital media outlets. (iTunes, Amazon, and many more) so get out there and pick it up today!

Also, the new single was just serviced to radio, so be sure to get out there and request the new single at all your favorite stations. Lets get this one to the top of the charts!

dontwantsome_1600x1600Stay Tuned for details on the full release coming soon at http://www.roxxproductions.com

No Other God (N.O.G) to release ‘Take It By Storm’ on February 8th!

Are you ready to kick off this New Year a rockin’? Then get ready to rock as we are about to ‘Take It By Storm’, as we debut the brand new album from No Other God (N.O.G). N.O.G will be releasing their brand new album ‘Take It By Storm’ worldwide this February!

Still not familiar with N.O.G ? Well you must be living under a rock! N.O.G features not only the talents of Dale Thompson (Bride, Perpetual Paranoia) out front on vocals, but also Nenel Lucena on lead guitar, Alexandre Aposan on drums and rounding out their sound on bass Raphael Dafras. With Dale hailing from New Zealand, the rest of these very talented musicians hail from the beautiful country of Brazil. Despite the distance between them, this talented bunch was able to come together and bring you this most excellent debut wall shaking, heart stopping, and super heavy metal shredder, quite possibly the hardest rocking album you have ever heard Dale take the helm for.

Take It By Storm features beautiful new artwork courtesy of Alcides Burn, of Burn Artworks, and we are very excited to share with you the brand new cover art for Take It By Storm.

nog take it by storm cover

The new album featuring 12 brand new tracks will be available everywhere February 8, 2019 at all your favorite digital media outlets and also at all your favorite retail outlets.
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Check out the single Walk By Faith Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6A4B73yODo&fbclid=IwAR04rfdvRZ2F5MwkXZjSOjgxWVXwpWj-seKL2MXXHFzJYbuvp8V2JoqfvT0

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