XL & DBD and 20 Lb Sledge sign with Roxx

Here at Roxx Records we love bringing back to life those classic, hard to find out of print rock and metal titles. This year we have already brought you quite a few with Love Life, Holy Soldier, Philadelphia and Red Sea to name a few! BUT we also love to help those new indie Christian rock and metal artists bring their music out to the forefront of the Christian music scene and we have done quite a bit of that this year as well. We have already brought you brand new music from Lovewar, Fear Not, BioGenesis, Rainforce, Ritual Servant, True Strength, N.O.G and just announced Weapons of God!

But we are not done with the brand new music yet and we are excited to announce TWO more brand new releases coming your way this August from Roxx Records. These two releases have one thing in common! They both feature the vocal talents from a Christian rocker we all know and love. You may know him better as XL of the classic Christian rock band XL&DBD ! That’s right two brand new releases coming your way!

Up first the brand new release from the California based band 20 Lb Sledge. The brainchild of Alfonzo Rachel this is the second release form 20 Lb Sledge after the critically acclaimed debut album Divine Battery brought this amazing band to the forefront of the Christian rock and metal scene. Well for this second release entitled ‘Electric Exodus’ the band brought Todd Stevens (aka XL) in to the fold to handle the lead vocals on this one. What we have here is one hard hitting, heavy and groovy record to unleash.

But that’s not all we are also bringing you a Limited Edition 2 disc CD pressing of the XL&DBD albums ‘Offensive Truth Volumes 1&2’ with 4 brand new previously unreleased tracks being added to this special pressing. Stay Tuned as we unveil more on these two new special projects as they progress!

We love bringing you these new indie releases but appreciate and need your support to keep them happening! So keep rocking and keep supporting your underground Christian rock and metal labels like Roxx Records.

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Weapons Of God debut album announced

Roxx Records is excited to bringing you another debut Christian Metal release by way of Middletown Ohio. We are pleased to add to roster the metal stylings of Weapons of God

Weapons of God is a four piece outfit that plays what they describe as ‘Positive Metal’ as they deliver the word of God to the masses. The band was formed in 2014 and completed their first demo in 2015. The band members bring a diverse background, each with over 25 years of experience. To describe their musical stylings we would say it is evident when you look at their influences to see just where they draw from, with bands like: Kiss, Stryper, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Evergrey.

The band debuted publicly on October 10, 2016 in Lebanon, OH at the Cornerstone Church of God where they played the opening slot for another Roxx Records recording artist, BioGenesis. Since then the band was focused on writing and recording their debut full length album and after nearly two years of writing and recording the finished product is upon us and we are excited to be brining you the debut self-titled album from Weapons of God which also happens to have been produced by Luke Nealeigh from BioGenesis.

The debut 10 track album will be released on July 26, 2019 just in time for the band to share with the world when they open up for Decyfer Down on July 27th at the Chains Unchained Festival in Aurora, Missouri.

Check out the first single aptly titled ‘Weapons of God’


Visit www.roxxrecords.com to get in on the special pre order now. First 50 pre orders will get a limited edition sticker.

Track Listing:

  1. Are You Ready?
  2. Call Your Name
  3. Glory And The Power
  4. Ghost
  5. Heaven Can’t Wait
  6. Simple solution
  7. Saving Grace
  8. Anger
  9. Weapons Of God
  10. Fade Away


Weapons of God CD

Mass to release unreleased album Fighter on LP + CD


Mass are one of those classic band’s that have been around forever but had been plagued with bad luck. In 1982 the band signed their first major record deal with A&M Records and recorded their first full length album with legendary producer Tom Allom. As a reference point, around this same time Tom had produced “Screaming for Vengeance” for Judas Priest and only a couple years earlier, “On Through the Night” for Def Leppard. Unfortunately the album was never officially released due to bad relations between A&M and the band’s management.

Mass spent a good portion of the next couple years fighting their management in court. In the meantime the album was shelved and the band decided to record and release an independent EP. That EP sold over 10,000 copies in the Boston area alone and again had record companies interested in the band. In 1985 they signed with RCA and finally released their full length debut aptly titled “New Birth”. Since that time the original Tom Allom produced debut was sitting on a shelf unreleased. Finally in 2019 this album is being released by NoLifeTilMetal Records how it was intended to be released, ON VINYL!

What we have with “Fighter” is a majestic, classic, 1980’s heavy metal platter. “Fighter” is a heavy album, especially considering it was recorded in the early 1980’s. The band offer a lot of variety with heavier tracks, some lighter moments and plenty of killer hooks. A few of the tracks from “Fighter” were later re-recorded for “New Birth” including “Watch Her Walk”, “Too Far Gone”, “Voyager” and “Do You Love Me”. However, the raw 80’s production along with some excellent modern mastering techniques gives these recordings the edge over the “New Birth” versions. As well, “Bad Man’s Reputation” was released a few years ago as a bonus track on the “Best Ones” CD. The rest of the songs are exclusive to the vinyl version. The heavier tracks such as “Watch Her Walk”, “Too Far Gone”, “Slip of the Tongue” and “Bad Man’s Reputation” feature some searing guitar work. One of the biggest highlights is the title track, a doomy heavy metal song with a darker feel than some of the more upbeat songs. “Fighter” was recorded on analog equipment and belongs on vinyl.

As well, NoLifeTilMetal Records is releasing a very special CD version of “Fighter” with a slew of never before released bonus tracks. Taken from the original master tapes, we have included seven rough mix tracks from the Criteria Studios sessions including the previously unreleased song, “Change Your Way”. If that isn’t enough, there is also a must-be-heard live version of “Holy One” recorded in 2010 where you can hear dialogue from lead singer Louis St August addressing some of the hardship and issues that arose from this infamous recording.

The artwork has been completely re-worked by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal, along with the help of Mass vocalist Louis St August. Both the LP and CD are printed on a special uncoated paper stock and features photos of the original band members, as would have been seen if the album had been released in 1982. The inserts include liner notes by Louis St August as well as lyrics and period-accurate photos.

What could have been? “Fighter” is a great album. It’s really a shame this album wasn’t released in ’82 when it was recorded as it probably would have made Mass a household name. As it stands, it’s still a great album decades later. Classic metal fans now have a “NEW” album to add to their collections and Mass fanatics can rejoice that “Fighter” has finally been officially released on vinyl.
The vinyl version of this album will be strictly limited to a one time 500 piece pressing with 150 on white vinyl and 350 on a traditional black vinyl. The CD will be packaged in a jewel case and also limited to 500 pieces complete with 12 page booklet.

For now check out the just released video for the title track “Fighter”…

…and then head over to http://www.nolifetilmetalrecords.com and get in on the pre orders that are live now and you can also pick up one of the limited edition special bundles that feature some exclusive items.

Red Sea – Blood 25th Anniversary Reissue


Roxx Records is bringing you another long lost Christian Metal classic that has been out of print for years and years! Red Sea released one album entitled ‘Blood’ before calling it a day back in 1994. The album was critically acclaimed and garnered quite a bit of attention back then, but alas given the hard rock and metal market at that time the album ended up being a one off and a follow up was never recorded.

Red Sea featured the amazing vocal talents of Robin Basauri (Die Happy, Joshua) the guitar playing of Chris Sorenson (Fear Not) drums of Jeff Martin (Badlands, Racer X) and rounded out on bass by Greg Chaisson (Badlands, Die Happy). The album boasted very well done heavy, bluesy rock boarding on metal. What you got here was a band that sounded very much like Badlands but featured Christian lyrics and themes.

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of this classic album and we revisit it and improve upon it in every way we possibly can. This 25th anniversary edition features only those 11 classic tracks completely remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. It also boasts brand new upgraded artwork and design that holds true to the original concept by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

Blood is being pressed on vinyl for the very first time ever in a limited edition pressing of only 500 pieces. There will be a limited pressing of 150 on red vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. Also a brand new limited edition CD pressing housed in a jewel case with a beautiful 8 page booklet with lyrics liner notes and previously unreleased archive photos of the band.

Stop by and check out our brand new website and get in on the pre order now for special bonus items and special packs which also feature new pre orders from Helix, Mass and

Weapons of God.
Track Listing:
01. Soulshaker (4:50)
02. Blood (4:52)
03. Wolves At The Door (7:19)
04. Dust To Dust (5:32)
05. Last Days Of Winter (4:36)
06. Walk On Fire (3:57)
07. Shades Of Purple (5:18)
08. Hellbound Train (5:29)
09. Losin’ My Way (5:50)
10. Down Home Static (1:04)
11. Tears Of Joy (4:44)

RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2019


New Website – New Pre Orders and More!

2019 New Website Update and new pre orders for Red Sea, Mass, Helix, Weapons Of God and more!

So we have been a little quiet the past month or so, but we are back with a VENGEANCE! So let’s kick it in to high gear!

We are very excited to be debuting our brand new store to the world today! We heard your cries to reduce costs, stop those ridiculous Storenvy fees, and to provide you better vinyl packaging!

Also after years and years of letting the domain name go for http://www.roxxrecords.com we finally got it back and now own it! If you hadn’t noticed the last 5 or 6 years that site belonged to a mainstream hip hop news site. We are very excited to get it back to its rightful owners and place!

The brand new Roxx Productions store is now open to the public! Your home to Roxx Records , Christian Metal Distro and No Life Til Metal Records just crash landed in your Living Room and we are ready to save you money and provide you high quality music collectibles! We owe a BIG thank you to our webmaster David Garrison for all the hard work that went in to this one!

So lets start with NEW vinyl shipping packaging, we heard your concerns and know we have had a few postal damages beyond our control but we want to fix that! Starting today we are debuting brand new more protective vinyl packaging for shipping those vinyl records! It’s a little more costly but gives us and YOU the added protection to make sure those collectible vinyls will arrive safely!

Moving over to Roxx Records we are also launching brand new pre orders for the Classic Christian Metal album ‘Blood’ by Red Sea. Another long lost metal classic has been completely remastered, and reworked and given new life!

RED SEA ‘Blood’ is coming your way on a new remastered CD with beautiful new packaging, in a jewel case with an 8 page booklet with lyrics and band archive photos previously unreleased. Also Blood is being made available on vinyl for the VERY first time! On Limited Edition Blood Red vinyl limited to 150 copies and also a black vinyl version limited to 350 copies. Pre Orders are Live now!

Not stopping their we are also bringing you the debut CD from Christian rockers Weapons of God who feature a brand new album with that classic old school rock and metal sound our fans know and love!

Now for No Life Til Metal Records we are very excited to be bringing you two new tiles all available for pre order now!

Up First we have the brand new (but old) album from classic Canadian rockers Helix ! Helix and NLTM Records are excited to be bringing you a very limited edition VINYL pressing of the new album Old School. Now this album on vinyl will be VERY limited even more then most! A total of 300 copies with 100 on limited tan vinyl and 200 on black vinyl. But it gets a little tougher than that on this one! This release was done in partnership with Helix and 150 (50 colored and 100 black) are being sent to the band and will only be available when you catch them at their live shows! Which leaves ONLY 150 copies for retail sales through NLTM Records! And that means we only have 50 copies on Tan vinyl and 100 on black vinyl so you will not want to wait to long on this one are you will miss out!

Also on NLTM Records we are bringing you another brand new release of a long lost classic this time from East Coast rockers MASS as we bring you a brand new Limited Edition vinyl and CD pressing of the bands classic and long lost debut recording ‘Fighter’. The album ‘Fighter’ is being released on Limited Edition vinyl of only 500 copies. 150 on white vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. But wait this one will also be released in a very special CD format, completely remastered and expanded to include a long lost reel of the ORIGINAL Fighter tacks in a rough mix format. We are excited that Louis St August of Mass let us convert those tapes produced by Tom Allum and have Rob Colwell remaster them and add them as bonus tracks to this special CD release. One of these songs has never ever been heard before! And then the CD ends with a previously unreleased live track of the song ‘Holy One’. The CD is being released in a limited pressing of only 500 copies complete in a jewel case edition with a 12 Page booklet with lyrics, new liners from Louis and previously unreleased photos.

Lastly over at Christian Metal Distro we added TONS of new titles including some of the VERY last copies of the Limited Edition Tourniquet CDs and vinyls from their recent campaigns for Vanishing Lessons and Gazing at Medusa! Also we added brand new releases from Lordchain and Sovereign Cross as well as a brand new vinyl release from doom masters Place of Skulls just to name a few!

We are very excited to be able to finally improve on our storefront, provide better quality shipping and many new releases! Stay Tuned we still have much more coming your way before this year is up! But for now we hope you enjoy this brand new store!

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Heathens Rage and Veil of Deception Drop Today

Heathen’s Rage
Veil of Deception
Today Friday May 31, 2019 the brand new limited edition book and CD from Heathen’s Rage are released around the world. As is the brand new third release from Austria’s very own Veil of Deception !

Limited Edition Book: Heathen’s Rage – Rage Days an Illustrated History the 40 page full color book filled with new stories from the members and tons of previously unreleased photos and memorabilia!

Limited Edition CD: Heathen’s Rage ‘Live At Switlik’ previously unreleased live show from the very early days of Heathen’s Rage a classic soundboard recording that has been remastered and released here for the very first time!

Veil of Deception CD: Austria’s very own Veil of Deception release their third album entitled ‘Dissident Voices’ a new wave of heavy metal with that classic metal appeal.

All three new releases are now available everywhere you buy physical music: Amazon, eBay, Discogs, No Life Til Metal Records store, Underground Power (Germany) and No Remorse Records (Greece) will carry all of these new releases and they are now shipping!

Support Metal! Support No Life Til Metal! Get your Copy Now!

Visit us at: http://www.nolifetilmetalrecords.com

Ritual Servant new video and Roxx News!


Amongst The Wolves

The brand new debut Roxx Records release from Ritual Servant has been getting rave reviews on the thrash scene. The first single has spiked up the Christian Music Weekly Loud charts all the way  to number 4 so far!

Hot on the heels of the success thus far we are very excited to launch the second single and lyric video for the new track ‘Amongst The Wolves’ Enjoy and help us spread the new video everywhere!


And be sure to pick up the latest release Metallum Evangelii today!



The next No Life Til Metal Records releases are being pressed now! The brand new album from HELIX will be available on vinyl in a VERY limited pressing! Only 150 in the US, 50 on a super limited edition colored vinyl and 100 on black vinyl.

Also we just got back from the studio having some very rare reels from classic rockers MASS converted for the very first time as we work on finishing up the limited edition Fighter reissue. Fighter will be on a limited edition first time on vinyl and a limited edition CD with added bonus tracks previously unreleased and lost in the band archives. This one will be killer!

Lastly Red Sea is also at the press for our Roxx Records fans. This one is also coming out beautiful and will be on vinyl for the first time ever and on a remastered CD with beautiful updated artwork. A true Christian Metal rarity here is coming back to life for the world to fall in love with all over again!

Watch closely for pre order info on all of these titles in the coming weeks!



On a sneak peak we also had the privilege of obtaining some very RARE master tapes from the Frontline / Intense Records archives. Enough for several brand new projects we will be overseeing through the next year! ALL have been converted from the master tapes and we will be sharing more as time goes on! I know its a tease, and its something that we have not talked about to anyone before, so you will have to stay tuned for more info later this year.

Lastly, we have heard your concerns and complaints (LOL) we are just as tired of the Storenvy charges as you are! We are in the middle of adding a BRAND NEW STORE where all three of our shops will be combined, and NO MORE added fees for you (or us) Stay Tuned we hope to bring this to you by the end of May!