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The day has finally arrived! It is officially Record Store Day!

All of our new releases are now available at many of your favorite online retail outlets as of today!

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Coming soon to our Japanese distributors and to Germany at Underground Power who will have the LAST copies of Yellow Holy Soldier vinyl!

RSD Roxx Releases 041319



Roxx Records releasing tons of Christian Metal on Record Store Day 2019

New Limited Edition items & new music releasing 4-13-19

After a very successful pre-order campaign for brand new limited edition items from Holy Soldier and Love Life Roxx is set to officially release out to the world four long out of print reissues as well as brand new music from three different artists. All releases will be released everywhere on Saturday April 13, 2019 which is official Record Store Day this year!

Up first we have limited edition vinyl and CD reissues from classic CCM artist Holy Soldier with their debut release. The album has been wonderfully remastered and includes two bonus tracks. One a classic radio promo for the debut album and second the very last song ever recorded with original vocalist Steven Patrick entitled ‘In The End’. This is being released in a limited pressing of 500 vinyl copies. 150 on yellow vinyl and 350 on black vinyl, and the yellow vinyl has sold out. Also a limited edition CD package pressing of 500 pieces. Remastered and expanded including new artwork, a 12 page booklet with lyrics and tons of archival band photos. Remaster was done by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound while all artwork and layouts were done by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

Next we have the long out of print classic hard rock release from another classic CCM hard rock band called Love Life who would eventually change their names and become Fear Not. This classic album has been remastered and repackaged beautifully for a limited edition vinyl and CD release. The vinyl package will be a 500 piece vinyl pressing limited to 150 on gold vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. The gold vinyl is nearly sold out, the remaining copies are only available at the roxx store. Also a beautiful CD pressing of 500 pieces with a 12 page booklet with lyrics and tons of previously unreleased archival band photos and memorabilia. Also we unearthed with the help of the band a previously unreleased reel containing 5 demo tunes never before released. This reel was baked and remastered and added exclusively to the CD for the very first time ever. Remaster was done by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound while all artwork and layouts were done by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.

Next of our four classic reissues we have a limited edition CD pressing from the one and only legends of Christian Metal Bloodgood with a very special edition of the classic album Detonation. This album was officially released by the band themselves but we partnered with them to help bring it back to life! This exclusive special edition is limited to 500 pieces and we only have half of the pressing, so this one is truly limited. This was remastered by original Bloodgood guitarist and producer David Zaffiro. It also includes an exclusive 12 page booklet with lyrics put together by Paul Bloodgood and featuring some exclusive concept art photos of the classic Detonation album cover.

Lastly for our new reissues we have one more very limited pressing of the classic album from Recon entitled ‘Behind Enemy Lines’. If you recall and follow Roxx releases you may be saying, didnt you just reissue this one? Well yes we did about 3 years ago we pressed 300 CD’s in celebration of the 25th anniversary of this classic album, they sold out very very quick and we are constantly asked for this one! So ask and you shall receive, this is the second and final pressing of ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ and it is the same remaster done by George Ochoa for the 25th anniversary including 4 killer bonus tracks. If you own the 25th anniversary release you may not need this pressing as it is nearly identical and the final pressing of this layout and design. If you are the be all end all collector you may want it though as you will notice some subtle differences on this final pressing also done by Scott Waters, removing the 25th anniversary logos, adding a new catalog and UPC to make it unique. This is the final CD pressing in this format and limited once again to only 300 copies.

On to the new stuff we are very excited and proud to be a part of the brand new album from Christian artist LoveWar. After a nearly 25 year hiatus we have an absolutely killer follow up and sophomore release that fits right in there after the classic debut of ‘Soak Your Brian’ early reviews have been raving the new release.

Keven Crothers writer for Heaven’s Metal magazine had this to say about the release “This record is memorable. This record is a breath of fresh air to my ears. This record is produced incredibly well. This record is something you NEED to grab, hear, and consume” Check out the whole review here:–St?fbclid=IwAR3l68fPh_Kz3OkEuzsOUzNa9FVWq3uRcoBrVKOvVraaMbejISiAL8BAUNk and check out the debut single ‘Candle’ right here:

We also are excited to share with you brand new Christian HEAVY METAL from True Strength. Their second release on Roxx Records complete with new vocalist and tons of growth and progression from a new band to watch on the Christian Metal scene. The new album Sanguinary Vivification is releasing this RSD 2019. Check out the first single ‘Worthy is the Lamb’ and get in on this one to get an exclusive guitar pick available only at the Roxx store.

Lastly we have brand new melodic rock/metal from Brazilian rockers Sunroad Brazilian hard rockers Sunroad are back with their 8th full length studio album. Roxx Records are excited to be bringing you the US pressing of the latest offering from Brazil’s premiere hard rock band.‘Heat Strokes’ is the latest offering from Sunroad and this one picks up right where this band left off and shows the progression and experience of these artists that make up Sunroad.Check out the brand new single ‘Empty Stage’ and get ready to rock as we bring you the new album from Sunroad.

In closing let us also mention two other just released destined to be classic albums, for you thrash fans out there we just released a classic old school Christian thrash album from Ritual Servant which has also been getting tons of praise and accolades. Currently the new single ‘Seven Trumpets’ is at #7 on the Christian Music Weekly LOUD Charts! If your a thrash fan you MUST pick this one up today!

To end this long update we also MUST share with you the return of FEAR NOT which was released in February and is destined to be on many year end Best of lists. The brand new EP entitled ‘For The Wounded Heart’ is out now! check out the single ‘Dont Want None (Come Get Some) and pick up your copy today!

Lots of great new music coming at you from Roxx Records and we are not about to stop! Still coming this year we have several new titles on our sub label No Life Til Metal Records and even more coming your way from Roxx Records be sure to visit and sign up on our email list to stay on top of all the killer Christian Metal you can handle!

RSD Roxx Releases 041319

BioGenesis release new video and single

BioGenesis have just launched their second single from the Black Widow EP with an epic new video and promotional single for the title track off of their latest EP.

We are very excited for the world to check out this conceptual video, courtesy of Studio ’93 Films and Roxx Records. We now invite you in to the web as we unleash the world premiere video of ‘BLACK WIDOW’.

Be sure and request the new single wherever they play music loud and heavy and let’s get BioGenesis the recognition they deserve with this epic and critically acclaimed EP.

Pick up the EP in physical or digital formats at many of your favorite outlets like Amazon, eBay, CMD and Roxx Records.

Also stay tuned this summer as we bring you ‘Black Widow’ on Limited Edition vinyl as the very last in the Roxx Underground Series which will be limited to only 150 hand numbered copies.

BioGenesis Black Widow Cover

Sunroad to release new album Heat Strokes

Brazilian hard rockers Sunroad are back with their 8th full length studio album. Roxx Records are excited to be bringing you the US pressing of the latest offering from Brazil’s premiere hard rock band.

‘Heat Strokes’ is the latest offering from Sunroad and this one picks up right where this band left off and shows the progression and experience of these artists that make up Sunroad.

We got 10 brand new tunes coming your way with the kick off single ‘Empty Stage’ so get ready to rock as we bring you the new album from Sunroad.

Track Listing:

Another release we are proudly bringing your way on official ‘Record Store Day 2019’ on April 13th. Pre orders are live now at

In case you are keeping track we are releasing all of these wonderful titles on this years Record Store Day: Holy Soldier – S/T (LP/CD) LoveLife – Goodbye Lady Jane (LP/CD) – Recon – Behind Enemy Lines (CD) – Lovewar – S/T (CD/Digital) – True Strength (CD) and now the US pressing of the new Sunroad album Heat Strokes (CD).

Sunroad Heat Strokes CD Cover

Lovewar return after 25 year hiatus

Lovewar burst on to the Christian music scene in 1990 when they released a demo that caught the eyes and ears of famed producers John and Dino Elefante. That would lead the band to their first record deal on Pakaderm Records and the release of the now legendary album ‘Soak Your Brain’.

‘Soak Your Brain’ would be widely received as one of the best Christian rock albums of all time. The album was even named one of the top Christian rock albums of all time by Heaven’s Metal Magazine that placed it number 47 out of 100.

But alas, like many of the bands from that era that should have been huge, the music industry changed spitting out a lot of those very talented bands much like Lovewar. Lovewar would never go on to record a sophomore effort and the album and the band went off in to obscurity never to be heard from again, until now!

The end of 2018 saw the band reform and launch a very successful Kickstarter campaign to release their second album, 25 years later! The band got right back at it featuring all 3 original members and they picked up literally right where they left off. There were 11 songs written back then and ready to go that never saw the light of day that the band dusted off, polished up and recorded for this special project.

Roxx Records is very excited to be bringing you the brand new sophomore self-titled album from Lovewar! These tracks sound amazing and show the growth and progression of what just might have been all those years ago. Now the world will have a chance to hear what just might have been all those years ago.

Check out the brand new and debut single entitled ‘Candle’

April 13th on Record Store Day the album will be released digitally worldwide along with a very special limited edition CD pressing. You will want to get your hands on this one, which will prove to be one of the best Christian rock releases of 2019.

Visit for special preorders and be one of the first to get in on this exciting new release.


True Strength to release new album on Good Friday

truestrength LP cover

TRUE STRENGTH is honored to announce that their third full-length studio album, Sanguinary Vivification, will be released on April 19th, 2019 (Good Friday) in both CD and digital format through ROXX RECORDS! Fans of bands like Sacred Warrior, HammerFall, Warlord, Iron Maiden, Bloodgood, Bride, Journey, Megadeth, Queensrÿche, Deep Purple, Kamelot, Sabaton, Thin Lizzy and Rhapsody of Fire will absolutely love TRUE STRENGTH’s new release!

Sanguinary Vivification track listing:

1. “Immanuel”
2. “Man Of Sorrows”
3. “Silent Before The Shearers”
4. “His Blood Is On Us”
5. “The Punishment That Brought Us Peace”
6. “By His Wounds We Are Healed”
7. “A Grave Among The Rich And The Wicked”
8. “Arisen Is The Suffering Servant”
9. “Worthy Is The Lamb”

The album features the renowned American power metal vocalist, George Tsalikis of ZANDELLE in addition to songwriter, rhythm guitarist and bass guitarist Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell, lead guitarist Josh Cirbo and drummer Ryan Mey.

In late 2017, True Strength went into the studio to record their third album, “Sanguinary Vivification”. As with “Steel Evangelist” they elected to work with Robert Sands on the recording of the album. The album was mastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Productions. Darnell recorded the rhythm guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and piano in three sessions. Josh Cirbo finished the lead guitar tracks after a year into the project and Ryan Mey completed the drum parts and both were sent to Sands to be added to the tracks. After being dissatisfied with his vocal performance on “Steel Evangelist”, Darnell took a more patient approach and decided to hire a long-term vocalist for True Strength. During a single year, he went through over six different vocalists, with scheduling issues being the main reason for them being unable to perform on the album. Finally, Darnell’s friend and former True Strength drummer Chris Clark was able to get him in touch with Zandelle’s vocalist, George Tsalikis who Darnell was a big fan of since the late-90’s, early-2000’s. Immediately, Darnell hired Tsalikis and he completed the vocals for Sanguinary Vivification in January 2019.

The album is the first theme album that True Strength has attempted. Each song seeks to show the parallel between the “Prophecy of the Suffering Servant” in the Book of Isaiah, and the life and the passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how He and He alone fulfilled the prophecy written nearly 700 years before His birth. The lyrics for each song derive from actual scripture in the Books of Isaiah, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as the Book of Revelation!

BONUS: All copies of the “Sanguinary Vivification” CD will come with a Limited Edition “True Strength Psalm 118:14 – Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell” Signature Custom Guitar Pick by Steve Clayton USA Guitar Picks!

*All digital sales of the “Sanguinary Vivification” album will be donated in the band’s name to the International Christian Concern (, a charity that assists persecuted Christians and their families around the world.

*True Strength and Roxx Records are not associated with the International Christian Concern or their partners. All donations are given to the ICC without solicitation, sponsorship or direct knowledge of the band (True Strength). All album proceeds are directly donated in the name of the band (True Strength) to the ICC without their knowledge.

Please visit the new website of True Strength!

For pre order information visit

Rainforce – Rock and Roll EP releases March 22, 2019

Roxx Records is very excited to announce the release of the new EP ‘Rock and Roll’ from RAINFORCE. March 22, 2019 is the street date for the band’s sophomore effort featuring 4 brand new hard rockin’ tunes being released digitally on all your usual platforms and also on a limited edition CD format. After the debut album ‘Lion’s Den’ released in 2017, this is the second strike for hard rockers RAINFORCE with the band releasing their debut album ‘Lion’s Den’ also on Roxx Records back in 2017.

This time around the band has plans to start getting out on the live circuit and start to really hone in on their live show experience playing around Europe, and playing their very first live gig ever at this years Elements of Rock festival.

The first single released earlier this year titled ROCK AND ROLL has been getting great initial reviews. The single is a bit of a tribute song featuring many references and album titles of bands who have helped inspire guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte. It is also a statement on their uncompromising faith in Christ throughout the highs and lows of life.

Check out the debut single below…

Track Listing:
1. Rock and Roll
2. In Good Hands
3. Stay Strong
4. The Lost Sheep

Be sure to keep up with the band at their official website at

And visit for pre order information and also to pick up one of the last copies of the debut album ‘Lion’s Den’ which is nearly Sold Out.

Rainforce EP Cover