Fear Not – 25th Anniversary LP and CD reissue details announced

Fear Not Cover

Roxx Records is very excited to announce our next Limited Edition reissue of the much sought after debut release from US rockers FEAR NOT!

That’s right one of the long, lost out of print titles that has never seen a proper reissue, original CD copies are very scarce to find these days, if you can find one at all! But even better this will be the first time this title has ever been released on vinyl!

Fear Not was formed in 1992 coming out of the remnants of Love Life with their one and only release entitled ‘Goodbye Lady Jane’. After the release of ‘Goodbye Lady Jane’ the band felt they needed a change and to somewhat reinvent their sound and style, the band would change their name to Fear Not, sign on to Pakaderm Records and embark on to a very successful ride with this, their self-titled debut.

Unfortunately in the mid 90’s the music scene was starting to take a turn, and when a band like Fear Not should have been on top of the charts, the sounds of grunge were coming in and hard rock in the vein of Fear Not was pushed to the side. Alas, Fear Not would call it a day before ever recording a sophomore release.

Today 25 years later we are excited to once again revisit and celebrate the music and story of Fear Not. Featuring a very beautiful new cover, that stays true to the original release while highlighting the hand painting of Ronald Wall, who assisted in the beautiful pin stripped logos on the cover and the beautiful updated hand painting of the cross on the back cover. Together with Scott Waters (No Life til Metal), they turned the artwork and layout in to a work of art.

We are just getting started though, the music for this reissue has been completely remastered for vinyl and for a special CD pressing by our very own Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound). So join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fear Not with this very cool limited edition reissue.

Fear Not the self-titled album will be issued on vinyl for the very first time with a special run of only 500 copies, featuring 150 copies on purple vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. It will feature all 10 of the original tracks as they originally appeared on the CD. Also we will be pressing 500 copies on limited edition CD featuring all 10 original tracks and 2 brand new previously unreleased tracks on CD! Release date is scheduled for December 8, 2017, just in time for the Holiday season.

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Consecrator release date announced

Roxx Records and No Life til Metal Records are very excited to bring you another classic Christian thrash reissue. This time hailing from the Lone Star state of Texas we welcome classic thrashers Consecrator to the family as we give the band our signature remaster treatment.

This killer new release is coming your way on limited edition vinyl and a special CD/DVD package. The vinyl release will be part of the Limited Edition Roxx Underground Series as #7 with each piece being hand numbered through 150 copies only. Each vinyl comes with a special 8 x 10 promo photo and a very special print of a brand new interview featuring James Chavez original Consecrator guitarist.

Also there will be a very special 500 piece 2 disc set made available featuring a 13 track remastered CD and a very special DVD. The 13 track CD features every recorded track from Consecrator and a brand new previously unreleased recording that will leave you wanting even more. The DVD is a special recording from the bands archive, it contains a live performance captured at the The Refuge from August 17, 1992. This package will be a limited edition pressing of only 500 pieces.

Consecrator ‘Image of Deception’ is coming your way on October 13, 2017 and pre orders are up now with many limited edition special packages including a special run of shirts and a free bonus sticker for the first 50 orders only!


Consecrator Cover

Holy Soldier 25th Anniversary of Last Train

Holy Solider - Last Train FINAL!Roxx Records is very excited to announce a very special reissue from one of Christian rock’s most instrumental and influential artists of the late eighties and early nineties, Holy Soldier.

Formed by bassist Andy Robbins and guitarist Jamie Cramer, Holy Soldier burst on to the scene in 1985 taking the Christian rock world by storm. The band played all over the US but very quickly built a large following in their home state of California. At one time the band held the largest attendance records at the famous Hollywood night club Gazzarri’s. By 1990 the band would release their debut self-titled album which would draw even more attention and success to the band allowing them to continue to tour and record. By 1992 the band would release their highly anticipated sophomore effort titled ‘Last Train’ which would even further their success and broaden their market reach across the world. The band would play live relentlessly, touring all over, winning two Dove awards and building an amazing following all over the world.

“ ‘Last Train’ shows a band at the peak of their prowess. With grit and determination Holy Soldier shows that they were not followers in a narrow glam scene but were an exceptional hard rock act that worked hard to create a unique sound that deserved more recognition than they received. All the years of slugging it out in  the L.A. club scene were not lost on this talented five piece, producer David Zaffiro pulled out the best they had and helped to craft an under rated gem.”                                                                                                                                                             Keven Crothers (White Throne / Heaven’s Metal)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of that sophomore release ‘Last Train’ and with that we are going to celebrate and give this classic release a much needed reissue giving it that special Roxx treatment. The music on this reissue will be exactly as it originally appeared in 1992 track by track, but featuring a complete and new remaster done by J Powell at Steinhaus Remastering, and it sounds amazing! In addition this reissue will feature some slightly updated artwork, however keeping the integrity, look and feel of that classic original pressing. This brand new interpretation of the artwork as well as the full layout and design was done by Scott Waters (Roxx Records / No Life Til Metal).

This limited edition pressing will come in a 500 piece vinyl pressing with 150 on red vinyl and 350 on black vinyl marking the very first time this album has ever been pressed on vinyl! In addition we will also be releasing a very cool 500 piece limited edition remastered reissue on CD. Official street date for this reissue will be August 25, 2017 but this release will be making its official debut at this year’s SoCal Metal Fest 2 – A Tribute to Dale Huffman on Saturday August 12th.

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D.O.G. Disciples of God to release debut album at SoCal Metal Fest

How about some killer Christian Metal in the vein of Metallica or Motorhead? If that sounds like its something up your alley you’re gonna want to check out the newest addition to the Roxx Records roster! Making its official debut this August at So Cal Metal Fest 2 – A Tribute to Dale Huffman is the debut release from D.O.G. or Disciples Of God which was started as a true ministry based band out there playing anywhere and everywhere they can to spread God’s word through heavy metal!

As much as the band would probably not like you to say this you could classify this release as a Christian Metal Super Group! When you have pro players like Terry Russell of Holy Soldier and Neon Cross on drums and singing lead vocals as well as Larry Farkas of Vengeance Rising and Die Happy on guitars along side Don Webster of Neon Cross on guitar and lastly featuring the bass talents of Terry’s son Colton Russell on bass one might say it’s got a bit of that going on here. BUT, the sound here is something completely different then all the aforementioned bands, this music is on the straight up heavy metal side with vocals from Terry tending to sound a little like a cross between Lemmy and James Hetfield.

Check out the first single and brand new lyric video courtesy of Kruse FX titled ‘No One Rides For Free’ off the debut album ‘Unleashed’…


You will want to pick this up as it is a special one time pressing of only 300 pieces on CD featuring 8 brand new tracks to rock you all the way to Heaven’s door! Again if you’re at the BIG show this August you will have your first opportunity to pick one up, the official street date is August 25, 2017. Pre orders are up now at www.roxxproductions.com

DOG FINAL Album Cover

Vengeance celebrate 30 years of thrash!


It was 30 years ago in 1987 when Pastor Bob Beeman of Sanctuary International would be led to call together a very special group of musicians that would come together to form a new ministry minded band out of Southern California. With a lot of prayer and faith the players were assembled and the full band would come together to record and distribute their very first demo tape. That tape would be what many people still consider to be the beginning of a movement, one thing was certain it was about to make a lasting impression on the Christian music community.

That band was one of the very first in the genre of Christian thrash, that band was called Vengeance and that tape was their original 5 song self-titled cassette only demo. That tape would lead them to signing a multiple album record contract on Intense Records which ultimately led to the release of their first full length album entitled ‘Human Sacrifice’.

‘Human Sacrifice’ was one of the most controversial releases of the time. Many Christian record stores would ban the album from their shelves completely. The album featured the hand of Pastor Bob himself portraying the bloodied hand of Christ nailed to the cross. The music was harsh and in the vein of bands like Dark Angel and Slayer, it definitely took the Christian ‘White’ Metal scene to a whole new level.

This classic album has been long out of print outside of a Limited Edition CD reissue (1000 pieces) on the defunct Intense Millennium Records in 2010 and a Limited Edition vinyl picture disc (300 pieces) on Roxx Records in 2013, all of which are long sold out and now collector’s items themselves. With the album still in high demand we are very happy to bring to the public a new and very special pressing adding a few twists as we celebrate 30 years of Vengeance.

Roxx Records is proud to bring you a very special pressing of ‘Human Sacrifice’ this special package includes brand new liner notes from original Vengeance bassist Roger Dale Martin. It has been completely remastered by J Powell of Steinhaus Mastering and features a brand new layout done by our very own Scott Waters (Roxx Records/No Life til Metal). This limited edition pressing will feature the newly designed artwork as originally featured on the vinyl picture disc version from 2013 and comes packaged in a beautiful glossy 6 panel wallet, last but not least we have added 5 special bonus tracks from that original demo tape that started it all 30 years ago.

Official release date for this pressing is August 25th with pre orders going live now. Pre orders only will come with a very special limited run 6” x 6” sticker as a pre order bonus item. But this title will be making its official debut first at this year’s largest Christian Metal Fest called SoCal Metal Fest 2 in Orange California on August 12th. Where there will also be a very special performance from 4 of the original members of Vengeance. If that’s not enough for you we will also be making another very special release announcement regarding Vengeance first that day at the show!  You will not want to miss anything, the new CD, this very special one time performance or the special release announcement we will be making first at the show!

For all the pre order information and show details visit www.roxxproductions.com

VR HS 2017 CD

SoCal Metal Fest 2 – The largest ALL Christian Metal Festival in 2017


Sacrivox Productions is very proud to present the largest all Christian Metal Festival in the US this year as they bring to you ‘So Cal Metal Fest 2 – A memorial benefit for Dale Huffman’. The Spring of 2016 saw the first installment of So Cal Metal Fest which featured some of the best Christian Metal bands both old and new, with artists like Bloodgood, Worldview, Tempest and Join The Dead just to name a few. Well this years line up is shaping up to be equally if not even more impressive. This is the Summer Fest you will not want to miss.

This years special performance is also being used as a fundraiser for the family of Dale Huffman of Metal Pulse Radio as he recently passed away after a long battle with cancer this past February. Profits from this event will be donated to the Huffman Family. There will also be a special booth showcasing some of Dales Metal Pulse Radio items and some things from his personal collection that will be sold off for the family with all funds going back to the family!

August 12, 2017 at the Vault in Orange California you wont want to miss this, come bear witness to a truly once in a lifetime performance and see some of the best current and new up and coming acts in the scene including Worldview which features former members of Recon and Sacred Warrior!  Also making their first ever California appearances, Roxx Records recording artists BioGenesis (Ohio) and The Hero coming all the way from Sweden! Coming down from Fresno California we have Rottweiler Records recording artists Hand of Fire, as well as appearances from Crimson Bridge Ministry, In the Midst 777, 3 Days in the Grave, Tribution and Consuming Fire!

Not enough for you we have some very special performances from some of Christian Metals pioneers who will be making some very special appearances just for this show! Starting with Southern California’s very own classic Christian metal bands NEON CROSS and RECON playing some very special reunions for this show! Not enough for you still? Well we will also be featuring a very special performance from none other than the original line up of… SAINT ! Last, but most definitely not least, closing out this special evening will be a 30th anniversary reunion of a band that you will not want to miss!

Sometimes you don’t even need a name…


That’s right, the 4 original members of Die Happy & Vengeance including Doug Thieme, Glen Mancaruso, Larry Farkas and Roger Dale Martin will be making a very special appearance at the show with a very special 30th Anniversary set that you wont want to miss from…

Die Heappy with Vengeance

Also featuring many of your favorite vendors and sponsors who will be set up and hanging out all day with tons of items and collectibles with special event day pricing. Our vendors  and sponsors include The Wounded Society, Roxx Records, Christian Metal Distro, The Covenant Metal Show and Frontline Records.

You will not want to miss this show, make your plans now and we will see you there! For all ticket information please visit www.sacrivox.com




BioGenesis release new video for Brood of Vipers

BioGenesis are very excited to announce their latest single ‘Brood of Vipers’ off the new album ‘A Decadence Divine’ which was produced by Kruse FX. ‘Brood of Vipers’ tells the tragic story of the Salem witch trails and the hypocrisy that went along with those early Salem witch hunts.
Check out the new lyric video here…
The new album ‘A Decadence Divine’ was just released on May 26, 2017 and has been getting great reviews from critics and fans alike.
The album is available in physical and digital formats at all of your favorite retailers or pick up a copy here today and get a free BioGenesis limited edition guitar pick.