Holy Soldier announce 25th anniversary pressing of Last Train

Holy Solider - Last Train FINAL!

Roxx Records is very excited to announce a very special reissue from one of the Christian hard rock scene’s most instrumental artists, Holy Soldier.

Holy Soldier burst on to the scene in 1985 formed by bassist Andy Robbins and guitarist Jamie Cramer, at one time the band held the largest attendance records at Gazzarri’s, a notable nightclub in the Hollywood circuit. In 1990 the band would release their debut self-titled album which would draw quite a bit of attention and success to the band. But with this release we are celebrating the band’s second sophomore release Last Train which was released in 1992, 25 years ago this year!

For this special celebration we are giving the release a very special Roxx treatment, starting with a complete and new remaster done by Cliffy Huntington, who mastered the release for vinyl and CD. As well we have updated the artwork, however keeping the integrity to the original pressing, this new representation and layout and design was done by Scott Waters (Roxx Records / No Life Til Metal)

“‘The Last Train’ shows a band at the peak of their prowess. With grit and determination Holy Soldier shows that they were not followers in a narrow glam scene but were an exceptional hard rock act that worked hard to create a unique sound that deserved more recognition than they received. All the years slugging it out in the L.A. club scene were not lost on this talented five piece, producer David Zaffiro pulled out the best they had and helped to craft an under rated gem.” Keven Crothers (White Throne / Heaven’s Metal)

This limited edition pressing will come in a 500 piece vinyl pressing with 200 on red vinyl and 300 on black vinyl and this is the first time it has ever been pressed on vinyl! In addition we will also be releasing a very cool 500 piece limited edition remastered reissue on CD.

Stay tuned you won’t want to miss out on this very special 25th anniversary reissue before they are gone! Coming September 2017!

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ALSO: Holy Solider fans in Mexico be sure to check out Exodo Fest in Mexico City where Andy Robbins will be making a special appearance playing with Tourniquet! You won’t want to miss this!

Roxx Records turns 15 Years Old

Roxx Records 15 year banner

We are very happy to announce Roxx Records has made it to 15 years! From our very first release which was put out back in 2002 to promote the Extreme Mardi Gras which was a 15 year anniversary to the first Metal Mardi Gras in 1987. These had actually been sold out a long time ago, but we recently found a case of 30 that were in hiding. We have come a long way since then and have released quite a few new albums and many classic reissues through the years.

Check them all out here if you like…

We are not going to have a huge celebration around this because quite frankly we have never really been about self-promotion it’s all about the music and the higher purpose of what we do. But we are happy about this significant milestone so we are going to do a couple of things just to mark the occasion.

First we have to thank Dave Kruse for creating this very special and cool new logo for us to mark this occassion, we quite like it! So we are going to print a handful of these on black t-shirts.

We will only be ordering exactly as many pre orders as we get placed. Get those orders in now, we plan on placing this pre order up from now until April 14th. April 14th the order will come down and then we will work on printing the shirts up for those that really want one!
In addition we are working on our spring sampler, which will encompass 5 new tracks from this years releases and end with 10 tracks that we have put out through the years in our back catalog. All t-shirt orders will also get the CD free!

So this is the first shirt we have ever done for Roxx Records in 15 years, even though we get requests for them quite a bit. So get one now while you can or forever hold your peace!
A BIG ‘Thank You’ to all of you out there who have supported us through the years and helped to keep the Christian hard rock and metal music scene alive and well!


Sunroad announce ‘Wing Seven’ to be released on Roxx Records

Roxx Records is very excited to announce the signing of Brazilian hard rock band Sunroad to release the bands seventh studio album throughout the United States. Sunroad started out in 1996 and have been playing their brand of melodic hard rock now for over 20 years with six releases, a best of collection and a live DVD under their belt these guys show no sign of slowing down.

Having just finished recording their seventh studio album entitled Wing Seven the band is ready to get back at it, playing shows, maybe hooking up as part of a tour and just play their music to the people wherever they can go.

The sound of Sunroad could be defined as a very dynamic hard rock band with some blues and progressive rock influences thrown in their as well. They have toured all over, and have played with many great bands and artists through the years, including playing shows with LA Guns, Whitecross, Petra, Joe Lynn Turner and Stryper to name a few.

The bands current line up consists of Andre Adonis: vocals, keyboards, Netto Mello: electric & acoustic guitars, Akasio Angels: bass guitars, backing vocals and Fred Mika: drums, percussion, backing vocals.

The new album Wing Seven contains 13 brand new songs, and the first single ‘In The Sand’ has just been released as part of a fund raising compilation entitled Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman. Scheduled release date for Wing Seven is April 14, 2017 in North America.

Track Listing: Destiny Shadows, White Eclipse, In The Sand, Misspent Youth, Tempo, Whatever, Skies Eyes, Day by Day, Craft of Whirlwinds, Drifting Ships, Brighty Breakdown, Pilot of Your Heart, Last Sunray in the Road.

For full release details and pre order information please visit www.roxxproductions.com

For booking and shows contact the band directly at:
Myspace: www.myspace.com/sunroadgroup      e-mail: sun-road@hotmail.com


April 14, 2017 is set to be a huge new release day for Roxx check out what’s on the calendar to be released on that day…

  • Sunroad – Wing Seven
  • Rainforce – Lion’s Den
  • Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command (100 Blue Vinyl / 200 Black Vinyl)
  • Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command (300 Limited Edition CD)

Check out all the pre orders up now http://roxxrecords.storenvy.com/

Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command reissue

Sacred Warrior - Masters 2017

Roxx Records is very excited to announce the next classic Christian Metal band getting their special reissue treatment courtesy of legendary power metal band SACRED WARRIOR with their second official release ‘Master’s Command’.

The year was 1989, the band was hot and garnering rave reviews from their debut album ‘Rebellion’ released the prior year in 1988 via Intense Records. Everyone’s expectations were high waiting for the band to unveil this one, their sophomore effort, and it did not disappoint!

By the late 80’s the Christian metal movement was really beginning to grow. Bands like Bloodgood and Stryper were already very popular on the scene. However, most new bands were either moving towards the popular thrash or pop metal sounds. There were very few Christian bands exploring the melodic and progressive style of bands like Queensryche, Crimson Glory and Fates Warning, but Sacred Warrior did it, and they did it very well!
‘Master’s Command’ was originally released in the Summer of 1989 on Intense Records to rave reviews and critical acclaim. The original release was pressed on CD and cassette only throughout the US with a very limited pressing on vinyl that was only released in Europe.

With the resurgence of vinyl, and the limited quantity of this LP originally pressed in Europe it is very hard to find, and if found fetches high dollars on sites like eBay and Discogs. Even the CD pressing can prove difficult to obtain at a decent price these days.
Roxx Records is very happy to announce a very special, and very limited, remastered and reworked version of Master’s Command that will be officially released on April 14, 2017.

This special edition features revised artwork that holds true to the original classic album cover courtesy of Scott Waters (Ultimatum, Roxx Productions, No Life til Metal). As well, the CD and vinyl versions were compiled and completely remastered for CD and vinyl by Sacred Warrior’s very own Steve Watkins. Officially licensed through Meis Music Group, we are happy to bring you this very special Limited Edition release.

There will be a limited vinyl pressing of only 300 pieces made available, 100 pieces only will be on a translucent blue vinyl, while the remaining 200 will be on black vinyl. By overwhelming request we are happy to announce we will also be releasing a limited edition CD pressing in a very special digipack version.

Don’t hold out to long, these limited edition vinyl releases have been going really quick, recent reissues from artists like Deliverance, Recon, Oracle and Ultimatum have all sold out quickly!

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Metal Pulse : A Tribute To Dale Huffman


On Thursday February 9, 2017 the Christian Metal Community lost one of its most valuable players. Dale Huffman owner of Metal Pulse Radio succumbed to the cancer he had bravely been fighting the past couple of years. Dale was a family man, a great father, grandfather and husband to his wonderful family, as well as a great friend and supporter of many in the Christian Metal Community. Those friends and supporters truly showed their love of Dale when called upon for a very special tribute to him.

Roxx Records and Rottweiler Records are proud to present Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman. This special tribute project came together very easily when Bill and Scott from Roxx put out a quick call to all those that knew and loved Dale. We had an overwhelming response and we quickly had well over 50 artists and labels wanting to contribute tracks to this effort. When we quickly realized we could not fit this all on one CD Rottweiler Records owner Shawn Browning quickly stepped in to provide support and we now are ready to present you with one of the LARGEST Christian Metal compilations in history, a true tribute and testimony to the great man Dale was.

A HUGE thank you to all of the artists who so effortlessly contributed to this project. We have a total of 63 tracks on this finished compilation and it will be made available on March 3, 2017. Even better then that all of the proceeds from this special compilation are going directly to the Huffman Family. So for $10 you get every single song on this compilation, and you will help in contributing some extra support for whatever the family may need during this trying time.


And if you are a collector of physical media we are happy to announce a very special 300 piece Limited Edition CD pressing of Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman. This beautiful tribute to Dale was put together by Roxx Records very own Scott Waters and offers a little look in to Dale Huffman and his metal ministry while highlighting 16 tracks from the above compilation at a whopping 79 minutes! We jammed as much as we physically could on this beautiful 6 panel digipack CD pressing! And the profits from the sale of this physical CD from Roxx Productions will be donated to the Huffman family.

For full information please visit http://www.roxxproductions.com

There is currently a special tribute radio broadcast in the works and being put together by Jeffrey De Los Santos and David Michael from Untombed Radio. We will share full information and details when available.

Lastly there is a special concert in the works in Southern California called the So Cal Metal Fest II which will be a special tribute to Dale Huffman late this Summer. If you are interested in participating please reach out to Anthony at Sacrivox on facebook for more details.

Rainforce to release debut album April 14, 2017

Roxx Records is very excited to announce to you our latest, brand new release all the way from Switzerland, please help us in welcoming hard rockers RAINFORCE to the Roxx Records family.

RAINFORCE is a brand new hard rock project founded by guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte (formerly involved in bands like Pylon, Disobedience & Thankful Heart) in conspiracy with his brother in crime, Matt Brand, the mastermind of Swiss doomsters Pylon himself, as the bass player and co-producer. They are joined by South Germany’s finest drummer, Benjamin Mann ( Power of God). Although he is an absolute prog metal freak, he crossed the river Rhine to get this Swiss engine running. The lead vocals are handled by Maltese singer Jordan Cutajar ( Nomad Son & others, including a stint in Pylon) whose voice is as unique as it is variable, which makes him the perfect singer for RAINFORCE.

These four guys are joined by some friends and companions. The debut album is set to feature quite the entourage of musical guests, including Whitecross guitarist Rex Carroll, Barren Cross bassist Jim La Verde, X-Sinner and GX Project singer Rex Scott and Canadian singer Kevin Wright formerly of Jacob’s Dream.

Check out the first single ‘Feed Me (I’m Hungry)’ streaming over at the Roxx Records official Reverbnation page now.

Also the band has donated the ballad ‘Shine a Light’ to be featured on the new Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman release coming out this March, as Dale was a big fan of Pylon and was looking forward to this release.

Be ready to expect some true hard’n’heavy tracks this spring, both musically and lyrically!

The brand new album is entitled “Lion’s Den” and is scheduled for release on April 14, 2017 worldwide through Roxx Records in the US and Quam Libet Records in Europe.

Full release details and pre order info visit http://www.roxxproductions.com

BioGenesis – A Decadence Divine release details and world premiere track

BioGenesis announced late last year they had signed on to Roxx Records to release the band’s third full length release. The band has been working very hard to finish up the recording process and is finally ready to unveil some of the details behind the new release which will drop in the Summer of 2017.

Up first we are very excited to officially unveil the brand new artwork for the new release which is entitled ‘A Decadence Divine’.  The brand new cover art was designed by graphic designer Tim Murray, who did an amazing job on the brand new album cover.

We have also compiled and are ready to share the final full track listing with our fans.

Track Listing:  1. Prelude (Nocturnal Images), 2. A Decadence Divine, 3. Inside the Beast, 4. Bet Your Soul, 5. As Empires Fall, 6. Lines in the Sand, 7. The Pain You Left Behind, 8. Tears of God, 9. Land of Confusion, 10. In the Darkness I Dwell, 11. Brood of Vipers

Lastly we are super stoked to be able to share with you and unveil the very first single from the new album entitled ‘Tears of God’, which is live and now streaming over at the official Roxx Records Reverb page.


Check it out and tell us what you think and stay tuned as we get closer to the full release of ‘A Decadence Divine’

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