Mortification and Recon 25th Anniversary reissues announced for 2015

1990 was a seminal year for Christian Metal and some of those artists and albums that helped shape the Jesus Metal movement. Two of the most notable and relevant bands from that era who were at the Christian metal forefront of the music scene are both celebrating 25th anniversaries of their debut releases in 2015. Roxx Records is very excited to announce this year we will be celebrating these anniversaries with several very special Limited Edition remastered releases, on both vinyl and CD formats. Join us as we revisit and explore these two artists and their groundbreaking releases.

First we celebrate Australian metal legends Mortification with their debut album ‘Break the Curse’, which was actually the band’s very first demo originally recorded under the Lightforce banner, and it would take the death metal world by storm! This would be the world’s first introduction of the band that would go on to pave the way for Christian Death Metal bands to come!

Break the Curse was the initial release that would start it all, this release has long been out of print and it has NEVER been printed or released on vinyl! In 2010 Roxx Records released a very special Limited Edition 20th anniversary 2 Disc Gold Edition CD/DVD of ‘Break the Curse’ which is now out of print. Now Roxx Records has a very special release planned to celebrate the 25th Silver Anniversary of ‘Break The Curse’ with a one-time pressing of 300 VINYL copies of ‘Break The Curse’ on both a colored and black vinyl edition.

Up next we have the smashing US power/speed metal debut from Deliverance axe master George Ochoa with his explosive band Recon and their groundbreaking debut album ‘Behind Enemy Lines’. Released shortly after their debut tracks raised the bar for metal with the very well received tracks ‘Light The Fire’ & ‘Dreams’ which were released on the California Metal 2 compilation released in 1988.

The album was originally released on CD and cassette tape, both of which are extremely rare and hard to find today with a one-time CD reissue from M8 records which is equally as rare these days. In addition a very small limited amount of vinyl was originally released in Europe only, which is next to impossible to find or locate at all today, until now.

Roxx Records is releasing a one-time Limited Edition vinyl reissue of this classic metal album featuring all the original tracks completely remastered for vinyl on both colored and black vinyl. As well, the band is working on some very special brand new tunes to mark this 25th anniversary with a very special line up for a very special CD pressing of ‘Behind Enemy Limes’ completely remastered and expanded!

2015 is set to be an excellent year for Christian metal fans and we are just getting started and have much more in store for you as this year goes on so stay tuned!

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Happy 2015 to each and every one of you!

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